Tuesday, 27 January 2015

CND Vinylux Thistle Thickett

After a day of technicial problems I wanted to end with a focus in one particular shade of CND Vinylux as it's utterly beautiful and needs to be released as a Shellac shade also.  Of course, as you can see by the title that shade is Thistke Thicket.

It's such a pretty lilac pastel colour with a hint of grey.  I do like Lilac Longing also but I prefer this one.  I'm not opposed to a shimmer finish but the truth is cream colours are always a favourite as if I want shimmer I can just add it.

If you haven't got this colour then you need it for the spring/summer.  Now if we could all contact CND and beg them for a Shellac equilivant I would really appreciate it!

Monday, 26 January 2015

NOTD: Stars & Hearts

If you follow my Facebook page you'll know that this morning I posted that I wasn't enjoying my "Interesting Neutrals," it turns out that they weren't that interesting after all...!!

Anyway I think I was craving something brighter and my instant thought was pink with some black but I adore CND Shellac in Creekside so bad that I had to incorporated it somewhere!

I applied my base coat and cured, then Creekside with CND Additive in Haute Pink with a fluffy brush.  I finally drew the design over in black, cured and finished with the top coat.

I really like these, at last I am finally happy!  The one thing I didn't think about was having to do my "other hand" which I had to do at a snails pace as it's completely unnatural to draw a heart or star with the wrong hand!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Work: Smart & Chic Shellac Over Enhancements

I absolutely couldn't wait to show you these nails as I adore them.  Rachael came in for her nail appointment and I know her so well as her tastes are very similar to mine.  I had laid out all of my recent colour pop ideas which must be about 25 colour pops and she said "there's two I love the most, guess which ones" and I hilariously was able to pick the exact two that she adored.  I knew it would be a toss up between CND Shellac in Creekside or Field Fox.  If I was a betting woman I'd have said Creekside but luckily I'm not as she went with Field Fox over her enhancements.

One of the colour pops she has picked out as a favourite was from the "Focusing On Creekside" blog post (click here if you missed it) where I had drawn a heart in glitter dots.  She wanted this heart over Field Fox which I used CND Additive in Dream Lily for.

She also liked the fade I'd created over Lecente Neptune so I suggested that she could have that or one of the ideas I did on Friday's 3D Textured Nail post (click here for that) but using the colours she liked.

Rachael always says her new set are her favourite so needless to say, she's convinced that these ones definitely are!