Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant

No woman wants to think about sweating and its a funny thing to talk about really but let's get real, it's summer (technically!) and I have been exercising a lot to lose weight.  I seemed to suddenly become immune to my previous deoderant so I needed something that could cope and my friend recommend the Sure Maximum Protection Anti Perspirant. 

This deoderant is a cream that you're meant to apply at night so it works whilst your resting and should still be effective even after a shower.  I did feel like that was weird at first as I only want to apply it after a shower and I don't always have a shower at night so sometimes I do just apply it in the morning.

The "clean scent" is very pleasant and I really liked it, it's completely non offensive and unisex really.

Onto the effectiveness though, my friend finds it works brilliantly for her but for me, it's not strong enough for when I'm exercising.  It's such a shame and it shows that it clearly works for some people but not for me so for that reason,I won't be repurchasing it and my search continues! 

Monday, 27 July 2015

CND Shellac in Poison Plum

I feel like at the moment, the colour that's being the most talked about is CND Shellac in Poison Plum.  Those of us who love it when CND bring out glitter Shellac shades were bursting with excitement at the release of a new glitter however to some nail techs this shades appears to have disappointed them and I can see why. 

 If you thought that this was going to be a deep plum version of something like Ice Vapor then you were always going to be disappointed.  To me, Poison Plum is a deep dark plum shade with a little bit of a texture in it.  Although technically it contains a little glitter, if you look at the pieces up close you'll realise that they almost have a matte finish and not the super high shine finish that a typical glitter piece would have.  

I have to say that personally, I was extremely excited for the release of this shade and it's exactly what I thought it was going to be so I don't feel that sense of disappointment.  You may think "oh she would say that" and I wouldn't - there's various shades that aren't for me from CND such as Cocoa, Burnt Romance and the majority of the nudes.  To me Poison Plum is a relative of Dark Lava which is probably my all time favourite shade.  

For those of you who are mourning the fact it's not a full on glitter shade, I have a solution.  I did a couple of colour pops that are photographed above.

The far left is two coats of Plum Poison, nothing else.  Next to that is one coat of Plum Poison over two coats of Fedora.  To the right of that is two coats of Dark Lava with a coat of Plum Poison.  Personally I would wear any of them, particularly the Dark Lava combination of course.  

Finally I decided to paint one layer of Poison Plum, cure it and then I patted a layer of Lecente Garnet Glitter into it.  I then applied another layer of Poison Plum over it.  The consistency of Plum Poison is slightly sheer which of course it would have to be so that it shows the pieces in it but also this means that you can see all of the glitter through it as well. 
I actually can't wait to wear this shade.  I'm not someone who strictly sticks to certain shades for certain seasons but I will probably start wearing it when Autumn officially hits.  I do love both the regular shade and the glitter option so I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you!
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Slim Down Sunday: Week 11

As I hadn't been well last week I was keen to get my head back into it all and see if I could lose more this week than I did in my last weigh in.  I went food shopping and bought a load of different types of food in preparation as I'm constantly trying to find different meals so that I'm never bored.

As time goes on I am finding so many changes in my life it's unbelievable.  There used to be a little walk that my husband and I would do a couple of years ago.  It's not massively long but about a third of it is on an incline and when I got to that section of it I always struggled.  I would even have to stop a couple of times as my back was sore and the muscles in my thighs would be so tight that it was like I was virtually ceasing up.  After walking to my parents every day this past fortnight and various other places, I decided to see how far I'd come and try the walk I could never manage without stopping.  I was dubious but I did it without a struggle, I didn't shake to sit down at the end either and I was still breathing calm enough to hold a conversation, the difference is unreal!

Since these Meringue Nests are only 50 calories I teamed it up with some strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and a blob of yogurt for a nice summer dessert.  I smashed the meringue nest over the top, in actual fact one nest did two desserts so it was only 25 calories on top of the berries and yogurt calories.

I've continued to make sure that I have vegetables with everything, typically broccoli.  This is a big step for me in itself because although it's not too difficult to throw it at the side of a meal, the truth be known I would rather not however I want this weight loss so badly that I will make sure I do include it.

I'm still obsessed with crackers right now.  I do try to go for brands that are low in fat and salt where possible.  Laughing Cow have brought out a cheddar version which I've been liking and I tried their Emmental version too which is okay, all 25 calories.  I still feel more confident using things that are already in a portion where possible, I honestly think I'm not ready to be trusted to stick a knife in a big pot or something yet.

My beautiful friend Jade treated me to her local tearooms in Stockport on Friday.  I'm adamant that I will never be that annoying friend that won't go anywhere or do anything "because I'm on a diet."  I don't have cheat days like I know most people losing weight do so I know I can have meals out and just pick what I want on the odd occasion.  

I have a few reasons why I don't have cheat days, first because if I did that on a regular occurrence like I used to it will just take me longer to reach my goal.  I don't want to be doing this for years and years,  I would rather go the harder route and get there.  Also, as I'm calorie counting I do have treats every single day and because I do, I don't feel that urge to go on a mad binge once a week or anything.

We actually split the cakes we ordered in half so we could try both of them!  It's odd but the fact that I tried two cakes made me feel like I'd had two full slices and for that reason I was really overthinking it later on that the calories would have been crazy for them but in reality, it's only the equivalent of one normal slice.

If you've ever been seriously overweight you'll know how different it feels having lost a decent amount.  My posture is good anyway but I feel better, I stand taller and I feel prouder.  There's certain odd little things that don't occur to me now, for example, my friend bought some scales whilst I was out with her and I carried them to the car without a bag around them.  Previously the old me would be conscious that people would look at me and think "woah look at that fat bird carrying scales!  Doesn't need them to work out she's huge!" or something like that.  If my husband and I had been to McDonalds I would even get him to carry my drink from the car as I didn't want anyone knowing I'd eaten it as I clearly should be opting for a salad.  I'm getting more and more proud of myself that I will happily carry those scales or whatever without a second thought.
So... The weigh in.  I have been scale hopping this week just to see where I've been up to.  I did know quite happily all week that I definitely had a weight loss this week.  It's odd but when I step on the scales I can actually feel I'm lighter and I don't really know why.  So in total this week I lost 3lb bring me to a total loss of 2 stone 3lbs (or 31lbs) in 11 weeks.  Of course I am pleased and honestly, I'm proud of myself as I go further and further down the scales.  This next week will hopefully bring me into the next stone bracket (I'm 2lbs away from it now) and I have a treat for myself from Jo Malone ready and waiting for that weigh in when I hit that goal. 

Things to remember: 
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year!
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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