Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Ask Me A Question: Part 1

I asked on my Facebook page if there were any questions you'd like to ask me as I thought it would be fun.  I feel like more so than ever you're getting to know my personality too and it's lovely!  I suppose I am on the quirky side so I was totally open for whatever you had for me but they're all pretty tame this time.  If anyone wants to ask me anything else, please send it to me through Facebook and I'd add it to the list for next time.
Laura Darby:
Hi do you do shellac nails with the cnd smoothing gel too???
I used CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel when it's required, it just depends on what the client needs.  If I feel that their nails will require that little extra strength or I need to fix a minor imperfection (such as a dip in the nail plate) then I will go ahead and use it.  I feel like it's an excellent system to have ready as an add on service and is really quick to apply.
Diane Melling:
Hi. I would like to know why you started making YouTube videos.  I watched them religiously when I was training and found them really helpful xx
Thanks Diane!  This probably sounds a little odd but I'd grown up watching my dad enjoy making little videos on the computer and editing them together.  I come from a family who like to draw and paint so when I found some nail art videos on You Tube and tried them out, I found it was something I enjoyed.  Although I am fairly basic with nail art I decided to use my interest of creating videos and combine it with my new interest in nails, six months later I was enrolled at college to study nail technology!
Kay Gilligan:
What inspired you to come into the beauty industry?
As I was saying above I feel like I just fell into all of this.  I always had an interest in make up and after my wedding I started having an amazing beauty therapist called Ruth (hi Ruth!) come around to my home regularly.  I got more and more into the treatments she offered and found it amazing how you can make someone feel good about themselves.  I feel like once you start your training you will literally never stop, it's fantastic.
Sheena Wallington:
Would you recommend a self employed nail business as a career (its tough out there) and if so, what do you believe can help it become and remain successful
Oh absolutely!  It's tougher than I ever even imagined to build a brand and a reputation for yourself.  When I left my full time job to pursue this as a career I was prepared for six months or so of little money but the reality was it was more like two years before I was earning properly.  You have to confidence in your abilities and truly believe you can do it as there's many times along the way that you will question if you have done the right thing.  It's hard when you're going through it but when you finally build a big enough business that you're earning properly, you'll realise how worth it all was and find yourself struggling to fit clients in.  Always believe in yourself no matter what, make sure that quitting is never an option too.

Hi lovely lady

I'm Pm you regarding your recent post about asking a question.

I could do with some advice from yourself and the rest of the nail and beauty family if possible please?

I've been a therapist for 14 years and in that time I've worked in 3 salons. The last two have been my longest 7 and currently 6 years.

I'm currently really considering moving away from the salon and going Mobile!  There are many reason why I'm seriously considering this, 
  • One the children - my eldest was born with a very poorly heart and it gets stressful and the guilt of working is a huge factor, childcare flexibility and weekends as a family. 
  • Two - health reasons (stress with work and depression from my traumatic experience with my eldest being born)
Where I currently work is lovely and two of the other girls have been there with me since the beginning, but now we are more established running for nearly 7 years the boss is becoming a complete nightmare and things are slipping. Squeezing clients into spaces that are not there making us then run late for clients booked in said slot, no lunch breaks at all and her continuous mood swings are making us walk on egg shells!  We have regular meetings and tell her are concerns etc and they get taken on board initially but then it's back to where we were!

Unfortunately and I like to think I get on with everyone but there is one employee I can not stand who's recently joined us and I know it sounds harsh but she is one of these who thinks she knows it all and has been there done it or know someone who has. She's very unprofessional in many levels, swears like a trooper, never works as a team member and is extremely lazy and continuously on her phone but the boss thinks the sun shines out of her arse!

I'm currently employed and my hourly pay is £6.80 ph and the last time I had a pay rise was 5 years ago. Financially this a big factor too as I feel with my experience and big clientele etc I should be on a better hourly wage? 

So as you can see there is lots of reasons for me to go and there's lots more to mention but I'd be here all day.   I do a bit of mobile currently and for instance one client I do I earn £75 in 1.5 hours. In the salon it takes me 3 days to earn this! So the mobile side of things is obviously financially more appealing.

My concern is leaving that financial security of the salon. What if going mobile I don't get enough weekly clients to financially support us? Obviously I have a huge client base at the salon and I don't want to be nicking clients as its not professional. There maybe some clients that will want to come with me and others not as they like that going into the salon experience which I totally get.

What if I doesn't work? Finding another job?! I've always walked into my jobs through reputation and I've never had a CV and this totally scares me as I have no idea on how to do one.

So really the main question with above in mind, after 14 years being salon based would you go mobile?   Sorry I totally waffled on. Any advice greatly appreciated!
Oooooooo it's a tough one as it depends on your overall financial position too.  When I left my full time job I was fortunate to be able to just about live off my husband's wage if we cut back everything and lived very basic until it picked up.  It was tough going as we had to wave goodbye to quite a few luxuries but it was totally worth it, I even sold a lot of my belongings on Ebay to try and make ends meet.  As you say, your client base at the salon is huge and it sounds like you have a fantastic reputation but you can't be taking any of their business deliberately.  That aside, it is natural that some clients will come to you as they book for you, not the salon but this can't be relied upon. 
If it was me, I would gather some savings together over the next few weeks or months and go for it.  You will truly never know unless you try, it sounds like it would be better for your health and you can work around your children as well.  Yes it's somewhat of a gamble but everything in life is and if you're determined, you'll make it work and reap the rewards of a lot higher wage, even if the client base you start with is a lot smaller.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
Steph Shields:
I'd like to know if you will ever teach? x
Honestly, I believe I have the capability to teach as in that I enjoy helping others and watching them grow however in terms of skill I'm definitely not good enough although I can do a decent set of nails if you get me?!
Dee Rosewarne:
How did your husband propose marriage?
We were 21 and had been together a year when he booked a few nights in Paris for our first anniversary.  He kept telling me not to expect a proposal and not to get my hopes up.  On our anniversary he took me to the Eiffel Tower but it was windy and I refused to go up there.  He had asked me whether I would want him to be down on one knee when he did propose and I had said that if it was in public, I wouldn't.  Sat on a bench under the Eiffel Tower he said to me 'Karen will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?'   (I wonder how many of you went all mushy reading that?!)
I actually really enjoyed doing that!  Thanks so much for everyone who asked a question, I didn't ask for questions to be a 'know it all' like 'oh I know the answer to everything' because I absolutely don't but I thought some of you might be interested in reading the answers!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Slim Down Sunday: Week 28

Let's officially call this week "the week that I turned into the Hungry Caterpillar" (amazing children's book) because I swear if I was able to eat it, I would have.  I don't know what got into me but right from the start of the week I just couldn't seem to shake the feeling of hunger.  I definitely eat enough but no matter what I always wanted more and I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  Of course, as this is such a mental process it's highly likely I wasn't hungry but it's hard to work that out when you're in the middle of it.

I should have known this week was going to be a problem for me as I went to the pub last Sunday and had the meal that you see below, cheese, onion and potato pie.  That pie is huge and I typically never finish all of it along with the chips but of course I snorted the lot without a second glance, this should have been warning signs then.  

Since I couldn't get rid of this feeling of "right, now what else can I eat?" I was trying to find meals that weren't too heavy on calories but would hopefully keep me happy such as what you see below which is Heck Chicken Italia sausages (180 calories for all of those sausages!) as well as the spaghetti at 107 calories and the Tesco's own waffle for 85 calories.  This is effectively a children's dinner with not a vegetable in sight but I was willing to do anything to keep me on track.  

By Thursday I was starting to realise that I was losing the battle this week but reasoning that although I was eating over my calories, the fact I do an hours workout at the gym every week day morning would fix everything.  I have however noticed that now I'm a lot smaller the weight loss is not as forgiving and it is definitely getting harder but that's okay.  
Despite all my best efforts to try and please my food cravings, the truth is, I just wanted to have a food binge - there, now I've said it.  I just wanted to go back to the good old (fat) days where as I wandered into the kitchen as many times as I wanted and ate to my heart's content.  I couldn't get that thought of my mind no matter how hard I tried.  
Eventually, Saturday morning came around and it was time to make a decision.  This weight loss is my rules, I started this so I say what goes, I'm doing it on my terms and you know what?  I'm doing pretty damn fantastic so that's when I made an executive decision and decided to cancel this week.  I said to myself "right Karen, enough is enough, eat what you like for this weekend.  No weigh ins.  You need to fix this urge in your head as it's gone on for days now and not showing any signs of going.  Get back on this on Monday."  I figured this could potentially last weeks and my weight loss journey completely collapse around me so it was time to take action.  The moment I decided to do this, the relief was immense, literally like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  

The first thing I did was had some biscuits that I had been wanting, I then went to the co-op and bought some delicious fresh baguettes and ham and made a sandwich.  For my evening meal we went to Nandos, I just craved normality away from calorie counting.  

I won't lie, I absolutely stuffed my face yesterday and mid afternoon something amazing happened, I was content.  The hunger that has plagued me all week had gone to the point where as I actually said to myself that I was ready to get back onto eating well again, I didn't even need to wait until Monday, I was keen to start back today which is what I'm doing.

I'm pleased with how I've handled this week, I'll even say I'm proud of myself.  I finally realised that I needed to address how I felt, the moment I did that I released it.  I have a new eagerness and a fire in my belly for more weight loss again so although I will probably be working off some extra chub from the overeating, it's over and done with and will be more than gone by next Sunday so why let it bother me?  Onwards and downwards!
  • Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NOTD: Foxes With Glasses?!

I couldn't really call this post anything other than foxes with glasses, "call a spade a spade" and all that!  I've got a bit of a soft spot for foxes, I just think they're ace.  

Having bought some new glasses a couple of months ago I noticed that bizarrely the throw I bought from Primark with foxes on had almost identical specs on!  (I've just taken this photo now to show you!) I realise that this is all fairly irrelevant information to you but it humoured me immensely! 

Everything was handpainted for this design apart from the glasses which I used MoYou London Hipster 07 plate for quickness.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, it was just something for me to focus on to keep me away from chocolate for a little while, truth be known!
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