Sunday, 26 April 2015

Layering Combinations With CND Shellac In Butterfly Queen

I recently saw someone post a photo of CND Shellac in Dark Lava with a layer of Butterfly Queen over it and it blew my mind.  The dark shade with the pink glitter is stunning so with that in mind I thought I would have a go at a few different colours with Butterfly Queen and see what I come up with.  

I have already made a 'Focussing On' post on this shade with nail art designs so if you missed it, click here.

From left to right of the above photo:

  • One layer of CND Shellac in Azure Wish, one of Lost Labyrinth and one of Butterfly Queen.
  • Electric Orange with Butterfly Queen over it.
  • Dark Lava with Butterfly Queen over it.
  • Hollywood with Butterfly Queen over it (which I think is a brilliant combination for a client that wants it to look like the Butterfly Queen bottle)
  • Tango Passion with Butterfly Queen over.
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Making Your Lips Look Fuller

Today's post is more of a beauty trick that I've been doing recently to help my top lip look a little fuller and I really think it's makes such a difference.

I've been loving Benefits Watts Up highlighter on my Cupid's bow and slightly blended in.  The lights catches it so your eye is naturally drawn to it and, without sounding too odd, it definitely makes them look fuller and a little bit more kissable! 

This is something you definitely need to try either with a product like this or a light shade eye shadow that has a pretty sheen to it - I promise you you will be doing it all of the time!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Holographic Make Up Bag

There's something about holographic objects that draws me in.  I think if there's something I like or want, I get fixated on having to have it (which can be a good or bad thing!) A couple of years ago I got obsessed with wanting everything to be green, like Shellac "Lush Tropics" by CND.  In the last two years it's holographic things but I haven't owned anything, until now.

I thought I would show you my bargain clutch bag from ASOS that I will actually be using as a make up.  It's a zip around bag so it's extremely secure for even the smallest objects like eyelash glue and since its reduced from £18 to £9, it's an absolute bargain.  

Just incase you did want another option though, I did order this bag which is still full price but at £18 it's hardly breaking the bank but it does hold a lot less in it.

My friends have reminded me how old I am like I've outgrown holographic things but I simple don't care, I love them so I had to share my bargain new make up bag!