Saturday, 20 April 2019

NOTD: Super Girly Nails

Ooooo get me blogging twice in one month!  I’m on a roll!  

It was time to switch up my Unintentional Nemo Nails since they’ve grown out to the point where as I was starting to feel a little scruffy.  I have pretty high standards with my nails, I never go bare and if they start to get beyond around a fortnight’s growth I have to redo them ASAP.

I always ask myself if I’m feeling neutral, bright or dark and then i’ll brainstorm from there.  As I had just had bright I surprised myself by wanting it again but I wanted to go super girly and a little romantic.  

liverpoollashes Liverpool lashes pink shellac nails super girly NOTD

Everything’s pretty self explanatory but the heart, little gemstones on the lines and the thumbs were created by mixing three different pink / lavender glitters with top coat to create a glitter paste.  

I’m fairly pleased with how they turned out.  If I did them again I probably would have painted the heart in black and then added the glitter paste on top to give an even more beautiful sparkle but I’m happy how they are now too.

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Sunday, 7 April 2019

NOTD: Unintentional Finding Nemo Nails

Woooohooooo I’m back on my blog where I belong!  After a 16 months away from it it feels sooooo good to be back here.  You should notice I’m going to jazz this place up and make it look a little more snazzy for 2019 but the main thing is, I’m here!

Let’s be real, these nails were not what I intended.  If you follow my Snapchat (@liverpoollashes) you’ll know what I was actually aiming for as I showed my distasterous results and the products just didn’t work together.  In a little bit of a huff after the second attempt, I abandoned ship and did these instead.

I’ll quickly run through what I did:
  • Tropix Base.
  • Black Pool and a fine striping brush.
  • I mixed a glitter paste (top coat, silver holographic and silver fine powder) together and applied with my striping brush.
  • Top coat.

Taaaa daaaa!  Here’s the result. Grrrrr I’m not enjoying that Tropix doesn’t really look like this in real life but never mind.  I’m pretty pleased with it, albeit it wasn’t what I was originally going for at all.  I then show a man, typical, most men think completely different to us don’t they?  “They look like Finding Nemo nails?” Now all I can see is glittery clown fish.  

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

NOTD: New Year Nails

I wanted my nails to be a little quirky for the new year, I’m not sure how long they’ll be on for but they hit the spot for the time being!  

Unfortunately the Nail foils are from a company no longer trading but I’m sure you can find similar elsewhere.  

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