Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Waxing Wednesday & Happy 29th February!

So i've been to another beauty therapy lesson tonight at college. This time we were taught how to wax eyebrows, lips and chins which was the main bit I wanted to learn so I'm delighted.

I regularly get my eyebrows and lip waxed so this wasn't a big deal but I found the chin wax (which was just done for practice as so far I don't suffer with an issue there) was equally not a bad area to be waxed in.

Next week it's bikini line and underarms and I am NOT looking forward to it in any shape or form. Underarms are fine but baring all to another girl in college to wax is not something I'm keen to do(!) (although I might add you are generally covered with a towel she's bound to see bits)

I am thoroughly enjoying the waxing section of the course - regardless of the pain factor! I am so excited for the summer knowing that this skill will be so valuable.

I enabled JolieBox again today to tell them I still haven't received my box and in fairness to them I had a response within the hour apologizing again and advising they've dispatched another. To be truthful I already know what's going to be in the box as I gave up on holding back on watching everyone's videos!

Hope you've all had a good 29th February - it's fun to think in four years time when this day comes around "what will we be doing?" who knows how life will have changed by then!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Carmine Beauty Box February 2012

So todays post is all about my February Carmine Beauty Box. It arrived this afternoon and I was particularly excited since I have been waiting since mid last week for my JolieBox that's STILL not arrived.

As you can see by this absolute FEAST of treats in this box - it was a jammed pack with good stuff - so exciting !! I feel like Carmine is so under-appreciated on YouTube - I have made a video (click here to watch) about this months box.

On to the good stuff... the products!!

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - 5.5ml - FULL SIZE

The card says.. 'Incredibly glossy and long lasting.'

The colour I received is 'Joanna' which is a gorgeous red shade with pink tones and shimmer. Comparing this bottle to an OPI polish (15ml) it would work out pretty expensive - more than an OPI for the equalivant amount of polish. I have looked up this product and its stocked in Superdrug and is £5 so i'm interested to try it out!

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash - 125ml - FULL SIZE

The card says... 'Exquisitely fragranced in the name of spring, these natural body washes will leave your skin velvety smooth and smelling like heaven'

With the rose scent I have to say I instantly think 'Turkish Delight!' which I love. I have looked this one up and on the Balance Me website this tube is £8.

Yardley London - Peony Fragrance

The card says... 'It's as if Yardley London managed to take spring and put it into a bottle'

I have to agree with this statement. If you dont like floral perfumes - this isnt for you. I think its gorgeous but I generally like most perfumes!! This was just a bonus product in this months Carmine box.

Steamcream in 'Capri' (Limited Edition) 75g - FULL SIZE

The card says... 'There colourful tins designed in Japan contain the latest concept in skincare; a lightweight, all-in-one moisturiser featuring nourishing oils - that can be used literally from head to toe.

I am SUPER excited about this one - the tin is lovely - starfish were the theme to my wedding so I feel like this tin has been hand-picked for me !! The product itself is creamy but still light and has a scent of essential oils and total luxury. It was a Beauty Insiders Choice Winner in 2010 and I think it's pretty obvious why when you smooth it onto your skin - gorgeous !! Already planning on purchasing my next one - the website has some AMAZING designs and the tin will definitely be re-used!

Diego Dalla Palma 'The Lipstick' Mini

The card says... 'This sophisticated, intense pigment lipstick provides the perfect touch of long lasting colour'

The shade I received is '32' which is a coral / orange and not really anything I would wear but this can't really be helped ! Judging by the description I expected a more intense pigment. The full sized version can be purchased from Tesco Direct for £14.

White Glo Toothpaste 24g

The card says... 'Get ready to brush your way to a sexy smile, a la Jessica Alba.'

I was so excited to see something different in a beauty box, for me they dont all have to be about make up and perfume so this was a lovely change. Hopefully it shall live up to my expectations!

Overall - a brilliant box from Carmine. The three full sized products are worth £23 which is £10 more than I paid for the box - very pleased indeed !!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nail Of The Day & Random Chatter

So today I fear I may go off in a tangent(!)  I just wanted to tap away at my keyboard and update you on whats been going on.  First of all lets start with a current favourite nail polish.  This is Japanese Rose Garden by OPI.  Its a beautiful dusty pink shade - perfect for all year around but gorgeous for spring/summer.  In the bottle it has a slight shimmer but paints like a cream.  I will use this colour to make oriental style designs using black and white to paint flowers.  It also suits every age group so I always make sure its sitting pretty on my display stand at work.   
I'm feeling excited and happy today.  My husband won a competition at work which was ran by Sony and he won FIVE Sony products including a television and a Sony Vaio laptop!!)  He brought the prizes home earlier so I haven't gotten around to setting up the laptop but this will be useful for editing You Tube videos since I have a netbook at the moment and its pretty limited to what I can do.
I'm not too pleased with JolieBox at the moment as I have still not received my box.  I have seen quite a few people mention not receiving theirs and i'm sure these things happen but it just makes you feel like 'what are the odds that the one to go missing was yours?!'  I'm disappointed because I love making my YouTube videos and since everyone else's arrived Thursday and Friday even if mine arrived tomorrow its old news !!  They have replied to my email and advised me to allow until Wednesday and if not they shall re-send but its just a shame.
Something I have been loving is this app called 'Draw Something'  As you may have gathered I kinda like drawing / art and all of that good stuff so this game is perfect for me!! It's a sort of teamwork game I suppose... you get given three words rated 'easy' 'medium' and 'hard... you pick a word to draw and get coins if the person guesses it correctly using the jumbled letters provided.  If any of you fancy playing, you're welcome to search for the name 'liverpoollashes' and play against me - that would be fun!  The photo on the right shows my drawing of a troll - 1990's toy with the crazy coloured hair.    I'm also a big fan of 'Words With Friends' and 'Scramble With Friends' - again - if you want to seach for 'LiverpoolLashes' then we can play against each other !! 
Anyway - i've been busy trying to get my spare bedroom into a mini salon to do waxing etc.  I wont really be working from home but I mean the occasional friend or family member that wants something doing - i'll be all ready for.  I'll probably take some photos to show you all when its completed.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wedding Nail Of The Day

So todays post is just a quick one to show you my nails from last night.  I wanted something simple for my friends wedding and the old romantic in me wanted to have a little subtle 'loved up' design - particularly because I always do things on my ring finger and since i'm married and watching someone else get married... it can sit on the same finger as my wedding rings (soppy eh?!)  Anyway I did this and took a photo.. as I took the photo I smudged the little finger and then as I was getting ready I smudged one of the hearts (you know what its like when you're getting ready!) so as a last resort I dragged out the stickers for quickness.  
The ones I used are from Viva La Nails.  I was technically sent these for free but I paid £2.95 postage.  They did the job, easy to use and straight forward.  I have to say that these particular stickers are 3D and have a rubber-like texture to them which I find REALLY annoying because whenever your nail brushes against anything it gives you that feeling of your nail polish smudging!! eeeek!! The perfectionist in me also didn't like the way you could see the clear section around the rim of the sticker so anyone who sees your nails will be in no doubt that you used a sticker !!  

On a positive note (I am extremely picky - I have to be - its my job!!) the delivery of them was prompt and the website does have quite a few products that I use on a regular basis (Swarovski crystals being one of them - they are just a million times better than the standard gems that you get in those white circular wheels)

These nails shall be coming off again tomorrow as I'm back to college for the evening and have to have BARE NAILS (shocking eh?!) 

If you've tried or regularly use nail stickers - let me know what you think.

Friday, 24 February 2012

My Work: Fun with Acrylics 2

So today I've not technically been to work - my mum came to my house for infills but I fancied doing a little re-vamp on them. She originally had natural tips to help some of her nails grow as she was having problems with some of them continually breaking far too short and then they were sore.  I used Millenium tips for the first time.  Previously I only used NSI acrylic liquid, powder and tips but i'd heard that the Millenium tips blend better and are a more reasonable price.  This photo (right) is the first set and then I infilled them and added nail art and then that brought us to today.

I saw an advert in one of the professional magazines that I receive monthly with glitter tips on all fingers but only nail  had a sort of flick of the glitter which almost made them look wet.  I didn't have the image to work directly from but vaguely remembered that it just made the finger that little bit more special and interesting so I used Stargazer glitter in 'Multi Glizty' and mixed it with clear acrylic.  I buy this glitter from Nail Delights and this is the main type of glitter that I use at the moment. 

 I made my usual smile line on each nail but used my brush to slowly build up the flick into the shape and style that I wanted it.  You could easily expand on this ALOT and perhaps use a teal / green / blue colour for each of the tips but create more flicks together with white acrylic to give a 'surf / tide' look.

So heres the overall look.. I really like it and i'm pleased with how it looks and more important... my mum is pleased.

I am hoping that more clients will choose to have something a little bit different on their nails.  I suppose from a client point of view when you visit a salon you dont actually know whats possible unless you've seen in on someone else or you've looked at photos on the internet (just like my last 'My Work' post)

I actually have a photo album full of my nail art designs which I show in this video

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

First Waxing Lesson Tonight

So I thought I'd share with you my experience of waxing both as a waxer and waxee (which isn't a word so maybe "victim" is more appropriate)  Previously i've had two areas waxed, my eyebrows and my upper lip, both in the last two years and I still have my lip waxed regularly after years of bleaching it (with the Veet facial bleach kit which I highly recommend for fair haired people)

 I did once attempt to wax under my arm myself - I think I was around 16 years old and clearly thought it was going to be easy.  I used one of those pre-loaded strips that you just peel off the top and slap on... but then I didnt have the courage to rip it off so it stayed stuck on until I had managed to peel all around the edge and slowly lift it away from my skin. I think now that it was hilarious to have no experience of waxing but to choose under my arm to wax first !! crazy !!

Fast-forward to around 3 years ago I think... I had decided to try out having my eyebrows waxed.  The beauty therapist was someone that had been coming to me for a while and I remember after she did one I just about managed to bear getting the other one done but once she'd done it I told her she could book me in for it again !! The same happened with my lip... to me it hurts more than eyebrows but the end result is amazing so I will put up with it...

Fast-forward again to a couple of hours ago... we were taught the process and technique and then it was just down to us in pairs to wax each others legs.  My friend was saying how much it hurt but I kept going because I figured if I gave her a choice she might say stop !!  The key is to rip it off fast without any hesitation and to place pressure with your hand on the area as soon as its ripped off which definitely relieves the immediate pain.

When we came to my turn... I started to get nervous... very nervous.  I only shaved my legs on Monday so I knew I didnt have anything to really wax but the idea was to get the technique.  I have to say that I honestly think that it didnt hurt as much as I had imagined.  I think you build it up to be the worse possible pain so when it actually happens there's alot of relief !!  My friend was pretty gutted that I didnt have much to wax so after a few strips we moved on to my forearms...ouch.  Whilst she ripped the strip off I would hold the skin on my arm tight from underneath which helped.  I found that little strips of wax were better than a big strip coming off at once.  I have to say I LOVE the end result, it's well worth it!!  I keep looking at how lovely and smooth they are.  Apparently whereever you have waxed that you haven't been waxed before will always hurt more the first time around as the hairs aren't used to being pulled from the root so... lets look forward to next time !!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lip Tints - My Review

So todays post is about my new favourite obsession - lip tints with a mini review of my collection. Lately i've been loving staining my lips for these reasons:
  • Once its on its on - no sliding off your lips
  • Fades evenly
  • Looks natural
  • No 'attractive' dried out bits after a few hours on your lips.
So heres the lowdown on what i've tried so far and my thoughts...

Benefit Benetint Pocket Pal - £15.50
I bought this from which says 'The portable version of the must have Benetint is now paired up with a Super Shine Gloss for the ultimate in lush' I was so excited to try it because i'd heard so much about using Benetint for cheeks etc from You Tube and decided to go for the Pocket Pal version.

In reality... the tint barely shows on my lips. It has a brush applicator and in fairness this might just be the pigment that is already in my lips (although I dont consider myself to have alot of colour to them) but to give you an idea the photo featured below only has the tint on the left half of both the bottom and the top lip. There is a difference but not really enough to make me want to use this on a regular basis. The scent of the tint is rose which I quite like but the taste is quite a chemical one which often puts me off picking it out of my collection.

The gloss on the other say is referred to as 'Super Shine Gloss.' Sounds amazing doesn't it? I litterally feel like I can't honestly tell you what the gloss is like because when you pull out, the applicator has barely any gloss on it. It's like the neck of the tube wipes every trace of it off before it comes out. I have tried wiggling it in every direction... barely anything and not enough to wet your lips. You can even tell by my photo of the amount of tint that has been used compared to the amount of lip gloss.

I will finish this product's review on a positive note - it is a nice cheek tint which is what I shall be using it for in the future but needless to say I won't be repurchasing.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain & Balm - £7.99
Advertised as 'Kiss-proof colour with soft shine.' I have two colours, 'Passion' and 'Gothic' and have used them both pretty equally.  They have a marker style tip to apply the stain and its very simple to use - just draw it onto your lips !! Both also have a pretty pleasant fruity scent to them. The other end is a chapstick lip balm which is nice for an emergency should you have nothing else with you (travelling etc) but I wouldn't say its amazing... the main 'event' is the stain.

When I was looking to buy these I had already seen 'Passion' on a very well known YouTuber (Miss Glamorazzi) and knew it was a natural toned pink shade. When I picked up 'Gothic' I was a little sceptical because of the name but when I tested it its a gorgeous red stain. It's just a little bit more natural than wearing a red lipstick and I love it for that reason. Passion is not as noticeable as Gothic which is to be expected as it is a pink shade.

I would probably re-purchase this product in Gothic or maybe try out another colour but Revlon could really do with re-vamping the lip balm end as it's nothing special and is more 'vague shine' than 'soft shine.'

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech - £2.49 - £8
Advertised as 'This tinted water is so incredibly light that it gives you the delicious feeling of bare lips' and I have to say I totally agree with this. I have two colours - '82 Rouge Futuriste' (red - orange colour) and '84 Rose Pixel' (red toned colour) Both colours are pretty pigmented but not too overpowering and the design of the packaging definitely makes them easy to use.

I bought both of these from for £2.49 each. I believe that this product maybe discounted but still seems to be available on quite a few websites.

Swatches Left to Right

Revlon Gothic, Revlon Passion, Bourjois Rose Pixel, Bourjois Rouge Futuriste and 2x swatches of Benefit Pocket Pal for demostration purposes

I hope you've enjoyed my review - if you have tried any of these tints or another brand - please leave me a comment and let me know !!

Monday, 20 February 2012

GlossyBox February 2012

So it's arrived - yay! Regardless of my age I struggle to control myself as I rip open the tab and there in front of me is that dusty pale pink box. Gorgeous. I use them all for storing glitters in work and they look smart and uniform.

As I lift the lid I am greeted with three cards. The first one just says "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" with a small note of " check from February 24th" this is interesting... but I thought all GlossyBoxes were a mystery?! I've checked out the site and felt like a child when I read "come back on February 24th" just like a virtual finger wagging! The next card is one to advertise London Fashion Week and the last is the product list which talks about it being 'The Fashion Week Edition'

Onto the good stuff... the products.

1) DuWop Venom Gloss 5ml in 'Buttercup'

The card says: Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop's Lip Venom to creat Venom Gloss

Enter GlossyVG12 for 20% Discount on any full size Venom Gloss.  Valid unil 31st March 2012.

Full size is £16 for 10.4ml so its just under £8's worth of product.  It is a shimmery champagne/pearly colour, gives a slight tingle and is not sticky which is a massive positive.  I really like the scent / flavour to it as well.

2) Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap in Peppermint 59ml

The card says: A combination of organic extra virgin coconit, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.

No discount code offered.

This product is a complete multi use soap that you can use on your face, body and hair and come in quite a few different scents.  It is also Certified Fair Trade which is a bonus.  This bottles is full-sized and retails for £1.99

3) Paul Mitchell Round Trip - 25ml

The card says: This liquid curl definer is fast-drying for enhanced curls in an instant..

No discount code offered.

This probably sounds ridiculous but I actually thought that this would come out like a spray so I put my hand out and it just squirted like a serum just onto the floor! It has a really nice scent to it but I tend to wear my hair straight so i'm not sure how often i'll use but its a really handy size for travelling.  This full size is 200ml for £12.95

4) BM Beauty Eyeshadow in 'Her Majesty' 1g

The card says: Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow.  Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

No discount code offered.

This is a gorgeous rose gold shimmer.  I'm not entirely sure I would wear this on my eyes but I used to have a blush I adored (Bourjois in 'Rose D'or) so I might try and dab a little on my cheeks.  

5) Como Shambhala Body Lotion 50ml

The card says: A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.

No discount code offered.

The moment I opened this I knew I had something already with this scent... BINGO! its my sleep spray that I use to spray on my pillows to help me relax before bed (SpaRiturals 'Close Your Eyes' Spray)  I think this product shall be perfect after a bath perhaps before bed and will look forward to using it.

Overall I think this box was pretty much all products I would use - perhaps the Paul Mitchell serum might end up being given away to someone else but everything else is great.  The price was worth it, the lipgloss being around £8, the magic soap £2 and the eyeshadow £3.50 pays for the box.  In this one we didn't get an extremely large amount more than what was paid for but afterall - no one said that's what GlossyBox is all about.  The service is to provide you with large samples to try and test out and they have achieved this.  I look forward to my other beauty boxes arriving shortly !

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dry Lips... Solved!

So to match my dry hands, face etc... I have now developed dry chapped lips! Oh the joys of winter! I wasn't worried too much as I have my trusty Carmex Lip Balm Tube. I am a massive fan of Carmex since a friend introduced me to it a few years ago claiming "it's the best lip balm EVER!" I bought a pot of it (to which I'm too embarrassed to photograph since it looks like it's been through a war!) and I have since purchased the cherry version in a tube and now the mint version.

I bought the mint one from Tesco as this flavour was on offer and truth be known I have had a little bit of a "thing" for mint lip balm since using the little Urban Decay Naked Mini Tube that I got with the Naked2 palette. Now I love Carmex in any form but I have to say I'm not loving the mint version as much. There's something about it that I'm not enjoying and I wish I could put my finger on it... I'm thinking that it's too minty (Is that ridiculous?!) I think that the flavour / scent is too strong and overpowering. It sort of makes your breath feel fresh but the issue I have is the minty mentholness (is that a word - nope as I now have a red line underneath!) makes your lips tingle so much that for me personally I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else so I wipe it off! Your lips still feel slightly tingly and fresh once it's removed too.

Regardless of my flavour preference - Carmex is amazing! I was telling the girl that does my facials about it as she was suffering with dry lips and had used a whole host of different brands including E45 lip balm.  That night she texted me saying "I love you! Carmex is brilliant" This was my inspiration to write this post. If that person hadn't have told me a few years ago I wouldn't have known so I'm passing it onto all of you - if you've not heard of it already - invest in it (preferably in a tube - MUCH less messy!)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nail Of The Day

I've just come home from work and having used acetone today, my nails now need a re-paint. Im really into layering colours at the moment - I don't normally (or should I say I haven't for this for a long time) mainly because I have that many colours to choose from I still haven't worn all of my colours (that I have for filming as well as the salon)

So todays concoction is OPI Fly (from the Nicki Minaj Collection) which is a gorgeous teal green/blue cream shade with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in "Ring My Shell" which is a frosty shell-like toned polish.

As always I wanted to add a little 'something.'  Nothing too fancy as with the frosty shimmer I felt like there was already enough 'going on' so I used a silver and black striping brush and add a couple of dabs of OPI Crown Me Already which is a silver chunks with bits of fine glitter.

I'm really loving this Sally Hansen polishes.  They have a brush simular to the Rimmel Pro polishes so two swipes on each nail and you're done !

Friday, 17 February 2012

How To Fix A Ripped Nail

I'm itching to film a tutorial today for You Tube but since i'm in the middle of a very inconvienent cold and cough, the perfectionist in me would be really unhappy each time I listened to the video. Instead i've done the next best thing and made a step-by-step guide on how to fix a broken nail. In the salon I use Jessica Fiber Fix Adhesive & Fiber Paper (Click here for link to Feel Unique) but this is a way to do the same thing at home.

Obviously this isnt a permanent fix but it will stop it catching on your clothes, hair, etc and therefore stop it ripping any further. I've used this method quite a few times when I've been going somewhere special and my nail has ripped the day before (typical!)

 After step 8 and the nail is completely dry, sometimes you may need to gently file the area just to smooth the layer of tissue.

I've also made this blog post into a video for my subscribers - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Thursday, 16 February 2012

One of my video clips is on!!

This is just a quick post as I'm so excited. To some this is not really a big deal but to me - it's great!!

I received an email from last night to ask if they could use one of my video clips on my You Tube LiverpoolLashesLoves beauty channel. This email was sent through the night (they're American) but they've already used the clip! It's just a few seconds at around 2.52 but i'm delighted to be included with such big YouTubers!

The video is an article all about the Beauty Box Business and has Gemsmaquillage, SuperBeautyNerd, SWalkerMakeUp and loads of big channels !! 

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick

So todays post is about my new favourite product. Its the Avon Shine Attract Lipsticks.

In total there are 10 colours in the range:
Guava, Passionate Red, Rose Bouquet, Natural Glow (right in photo below with both light & heavy swatches) Copper Connection, Happy Pink, Cherry Pie (below in photo with light & heavy swatches) Orchid, Mysterious Mauve and Plumberry.

I have to admit that in the past I havent been the biggest fan of Avon lipsticks but I saw these and thought i'd give them a try... and boy am I glad I did !!

They have seriously buildable colour core down the centre of the stick which is surrounded by a glossy gel that is not sticky in any way (BONUS!)

Generally they last around 2 - 3 hours on me but the key point (for me) is that they fade evenly. What I mean by that is I find that most lipsticks just eventually dry out on my lips leaving me with a really uneven colour but I think the gloss in this product means that this never happens.

The lid of the lipstick is completely clear - allowing
me to be able to choose which one I want without opening it to look or looking at the base.

I personally think that they could be a potential alternative to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters which I know have been all over the 'beauty community' but not yet released in the UK. Both products seem to offer a glossy colour and hydrate your lips. If they're not simular then regardless I would still highly recommend this product.

The standard price is £8.50 however those of you who have purchased from Avon before will know that they have special offers regularly so this product is generally around £5.

Next on my list is 'Happy Pink... !!'

I do have a video uploaded on this product visit CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Work: Fun Acrylics with Nail Art

I thought it would be fun to show some of the more interesting sets that I do as these are few and far between.

A lot of clients request the straight forward "White tips" or "glitter tips" but this lady wanted something different. She's been to me before and she sent me a photo of what she wanted to see if I could do it (bear in mind that there is only one person that's been to me that knows I am a YouTuber and Blogger and the rest are totally unaware other than knowing that I vaguely started my career off doing a "little bit of nail art") The design was like a pink American style flag.

Anyway - I told her I had a feeling despite my massive polish collection both at the salon and at home that I didn't have a colour that matched the photo and she was fine with that. I did get out at least 10 similar polishes and had them ready for her arrival.  She choose OPI Japanese Rose Garden which is a dusty pink - gorgeous colour but darker than the photo she provided. She also decided to have the tips square rather than the oval tip in the photo.

Anyway - I used Swarovski Crystals on the ring fingers only and she said she loved them! Smiles all

Heres a link to the photo she showed me: (copy and paste to view)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nail Of The Day

Just changed up my nails and fancied something shimmery so I've used Rimmel Pro in "Show Off" with one coat of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in "Silver Lining." In truth i'm only changing them because I caught the red polish with my file whilst doing acrylics yesterday and as I have a client booked later on today... I don't want her thinking I'm a trampy nail tech!

Wow this Silver Lining is amazing. I saw it on someone else's blog over a black polish and had to have it. These photos do not do it justice but it's a dull day today so I've took the best photo I could!!

I like these polishes as both of them have that crazy wide but flat brush.  Its minimal effort which is a major plus side because the chances are i'll catch them with the file tonight (althought tonight i'll be wearing tech tape so I should be ok) but just incase - I wont bother doing anything special(!) 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Severe Cracked Dry Hands... Cured!

For the past few weeks I've been suffering really bad with severely dry hands - they've been so painful - particularly between my fingers. I'm putting it down to always using acetone in work (although in theory it should only be my fingertips effected) but most probably down to the chilly weather with no gloves ** slaps wrists **

I've tried so many hand creams and they seem to relieve the immediate dryness but aren't actually helping to make the problem better. As I'm trained to do paraffin wax treatments in work (if you've never heard of them - you need to look this one up if you have dry hands!) I have done this to myself a few times but nothing cured the problem until... I decided to scrap using the creams and use oils.

I've been using the Weleda Body Oils and I love them. Originally I got the pomegranate oil in my GlossyBox but I bought the miniature mixed sets to try the different scents. They've worked a treat and I feel like the oil really sinks in. I have to say that the scents are lovely apart from the Wild Rose one - that smells like roses with cigarette smoke (I'm not even joking!)

Anyway - I get my supplies from

The improvement in a few days is unbelievable!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nail Of The Day

Just thought I'd show you what I'm rocking right now. It's nothing fancy - just OPI Vodka & Caviar with OPI Rainbow Connection (from the Muppet Collection that was released Christmas 2011) on the ring finger. I've never actually used Rainbow Connection before but I'll definitely be using again soon!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

RIP Feel Unique Beauty Box

It's a sad day - one of the beauty boxes have discontinued running their service.

As I'm a subscriber (and have been since they started in October 2011) I received an email to say that they will be stopping their Beauty Box service. I was quite shocked! I did think out of all of the companies I'm subscribed to (Carmine, GlossyBox & Jolie Box) that this company was the only one that was specifically sending out products they sold. I feel like this limited their market as they could only obtain samples from their existing stock suppliers where as the other three can get them from anywhere. Perhaps this was the downfall - who knows. Interestingly their email seems to hint at something else in the pipeline.

I suppose this is the end of my mini chest of drawers (!) I did like the box - it's a damn sight easier to open than the Carmine one!

RIP Feel Unique Beauty Box!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New OPI Purchase!

Ok now I've gotten over the initial "making a blog" - let's get down to the good stuff.

I've just had an order arrive from Fragrance Direct (I did a video on this called "Discounted Genuine OPI Polishes") and I mentioned there that I wanted to get "I Lily Love You" which was from the Nice Stems collection last year. I have it in a miniature but that was only in desperation as the full sized version was sold out!

I thought it would be good as alot of clients seem to go for the sparkle if they see it on my nail desk so this is a good one to sit pretty and catch their eye.

It's a gorgeous fuchsia tinted clear polish with pastel toned flakes and glitter - I'm in love!

I'm showing you it on my fingers with OPI That's Berry Daring underneath and pictured next to "I Lily Love You"