Wednesday, 22 February 2012

First Waxing Lesson Tonight

So I thought I'd share with you my experience of waxing both as a waxer and waxee (which isn't a word so maybe "victim" is more appropriate)  Previously i've had two areas waxed, my eyebrows and my upper lip, both in the last two years and I still have my lip waxed regularly after years of bleaching it (with the Veet facial bleach kit which I highly recommend for fair haired people)

 I did once attempt to wax under my arm myself - I think I was around 16 years old and clearly thought it was going to be easy.  I used one of those pre-loaded strips that you just peel off the top and slap on... but then I didnt have the courage to rip it off so it stayed stuck on until I had managed to peel all around the edge and slowly lift it away from my skin. I think now that it was hilarious to have no experience of waxing but to choose under my arm to wax first !! crazy !!

Fast-forward to around 3 years ago I think... I had decided to try out having my eyebrows waxed.  The beauty therapist was someone that had been coming to me for a while and I remember after she did one I just about managed to bear getting the other one done but once she'd done it I told her she could book me in for it again !! The same happened with my lip... to me it hurts more than eyebrows but the end result is amazing so I will put up with it...

Fast-forward again to a couple of hours ago... we were taught the process and technique and then it was just down to us in pairs to wax each others legs.  My friend was saying how much it hurt but I kept going because I figured if I gave her a choice she might say stop !!  The key is to rip it off fast without any hesitation and to place pressure with your hand on the area as soon as its ripped off which definitely relieves the immediate pain.

When we came to my turn... I started to get nervous... very nervous.  I only shaved my legs on Monday so I knew I didnt have anything to really wax but the idea was to get the technique.  I have to say that I honestly think that it didnt hurt as much as I had imagined.  I think you build it up to be the worse possible pain so when it actually happens there's alot of relief !!  My friend was pretty gutted that I didnt have much to wax so after a few strips we moved on to my forearms...ouch.  Whilst she ripped the strip off I would hold the skin on my arm tight from underneath which helped.  I found that little strips of wax were better than a big strip coming off at once.  I have to say I LOVE the end result, it's well worth it!!  I keep looking at how lovely and smooth they are.  Apparently whereever you have waxed that you haven't been waxed before will always hurt more the first time around as the hairs aren't used to being pulled from the root so... lets look forward to next time !!


  1. Hi, found your blog through blog hop and I've joined :) Great blog!

    Btw, having your under arm be the first place to attempt to wax is a bit crazy (yet brave) :)

    I do my own waxing, so I'm always ready for a slip and slide :O

  2. Hi there, just found you on the blog hop, Im enjoying reading through your blog. I agree with the lady above, underarm waxing first? Noooooooooooo haha xx

  3. hello!! found you via blog hop! firstly, i LOVE the title of your blog! how brilliant!

    i used to have my legs waxed when i was around 18-19. (now 25) and i think what made a difference to the pain levels was the technique of the waxer! and that is only with practice and of course, some empathy for the waxee! i once had this brutal woman who didnt give a monkeys and she didnt even keep my skin taught OUCH! i thought it was a doddle to do it myself, so i attempted to do my own armpits with those prewaxed strips too! and i bruised my underarms and the side of my boob and my ribcage! what an idiot!! honestly, ive never waxed since!

    lots of love, your newest follower,

    kuki xxx P.S ive also requsted to follow you on twitter :-) @ktcyrus

  4. I have never had my legs or forearm waxed before. Way too scare to even try. I am a big baby when it comes to pain.

    I do however wax my eye brows and underarms. And those already hurt like crazy. Can't imagine the pain.

    Great post.

  5. haha. Like they say Beauty is pain... oh man, it really is. Anyway, cute story. I found you through the blog hop =)

  6. ouch 2 me karen the upper lip is the worst. I let a friend wax my legs once, the first leg didnt feel cos I have numbness due to disability, but o boy the other leg I wanted to scream lol but I didnt want to make her feel bad to I just grit by teeth, now its easier for me to Veet lol. Karen try your technique on Rob lol xx

  7. eee, that looks painful, I have only waxed my eyebrows before and they hurt!

    Stumbled upon your blog through blog-hop - greatest way to connect to bloggers ever! Let's keep in contact. I am following, Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, Thanks!

  8. looks painful... I am starting a beauty specialist course next week, so I am not looking forward to waxing... great blog btw! x Marina


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