Friday, 17 February 2012

How To Fix A Ripped Nail

I'm itching to film a tutorial today for You Tube but since i'm in the middle of a very inconvienent cold and cough, the perfectionist in me would be really unhappy each time I listened to the video. Instead i've done the next best thing and made a step-by-step guide on how to fix a broken nail. In the salon I use Jessica Fiber Fix Adhesive & Fiber Paper (Click here for link to Feel Unique) but this is a way to do the same thing at home.

Obviously this isnt a permanent fix but it will stop it catching on your clothes, hair, etc and therefore stop it ripping any further. I've used this method quite a few times when I've been going somewhere special and my nail has ripped the day before (typical!)

 After step 8 and the nail is completely dry, sometimes you may need to gently file the area just to smooth the layer of tissue.

I've also made this blog post into a video for my subscribers - CLICK HERE TO WATCH


  1. I remember thanking you for this video so just wanted to say, love the blog post :) check you out with the photo tutorial!! xx

    1. Mamma Blogger proud of Baby Blogger? I have loads of ideas up my sleeve for this blog ! x


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