Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Work: Fun Acrylics with Nail Art

I thought it would be fun to show some of the more interesting sets that I do as these are few and far between.

A lot of clients request the straight forward "White tips" or "glitter tips" but this lady wanted something different. She's been to me before and she sent me a photo of what she wanted to see if I could do it (bear in mind that there is only one person that's been to me that knows I am a YouTuber and Blogger and the rest are totally unaware other than knowing that I vaguely started my career off doing a "little bit of nail art") The design was like a pink American style flag.

Anyway - I told her I had a feeling despite my massive polish collection both at the salon and at home that I didn't have a colour that matched the photo and she was fine with that. I did get out at least 10 similar polishes and had them ready for her arrival.  She choose OPI Japanese Rose Garden which is a dusty pink - gorgeous colour but darker than the photo she provided. She also decided to have the tips square rather than the oval tip in the photo.

Anyway - I used Swarovski Crystals on the ring fingers only and she said she loved them! Smiles all

Heres a link to the photo she showed me: (copy and paste to view)


  1. Ahh, I love them!! They are so cute darling. I must visit you ;) xx

    1. hi karen these nails are really cute I bet she was super pleased with them xx

    2. Thank you !! She seemed to be !! I tried my best to get them like the photo although she wasnt bothered how simular they were - just liked the style x

  2. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

    newest follower! ♥

    hugs, xo!

  3. Most definitely! Love watching your tutorials on YouTube! & thank YOU for following back! hehe :)<3

  4. love your blog!and your nails too!!

  5. Karen, love ur nailart.its amazing.u r gr8.


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