Friday, 24 February 2012

My Work: Fun with Acrylics 2

So today I've not technically been to work - my mum came to my house for infills but I fancied doing a little re-vamp on them. She originally had natural tips to help some of her nails grow as she was having problems with some of them continually breaking far too short and then they were sore.  I used Millenium tips for the first time.  Previously I only used NSI acrylic liquid, powder and tips but i'd heard that the Millenium tips blend better and are a more reasonable price.  This photo (right) is the first set and then I infilled them and added nail art and then that brought us to today.

I saw an advert in one of the professional magazines that I receive monthly with glitter tips on all fingers but only nail  had a sort of flick of the glitter which almost made them look wet.  I didn't have the image to work directly from but vaguely remembered that it just made the finger that little bit more special and interesting so I used Stargazer glitter in 'Multi Glizty' and mixed it with clear acrylic.  I buy this glitter from Nail Delights and this is the main type of glitter that I use at the moment. 

 I made my usual smile line on each nail but used my brush to slowly build up the flick into the shape and style that I wanted it.  You could easily expand on this ALOT and perhaps use a teal / green / blue colour for each of the tips but create more flicks together with white acrylic to give a 'surf / tide' look.

So heres the overall look.. I really like it and i'm pleased with how it looks and more important... my mum is pleased.

I am hoping that more clients will choose to have something a little bit different on their nails.  I suppose from a client point of view when you visit a salon you dont actually know whats possible unless you've seen in on someone else or you've looked at photos on the internet (just like my last 'My Work' post)

I actually have a photo album full of my nail art designs which I show in this video


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