Monday, 27 February 2012

Nail Of The Day & Random Chatter

So today I fear I may go off in a tangent(!)  I just wanted to tap away at my keyboard and update you on whats been going on.  First of all lets start with a current favourite nail polish.  This is Japanese Rose Garden by OPI.  Its a beautiful dusty pink shade - perfect for all year around but gorgeous for spring/summer.  In the bottle it has a slight shimmer but paints like a cream.  I will use this colour to make oriental style designs using black and white to paint flowers.  It also suits every age group so I always make sure its sitting pretty on my display stand at work.   
I'm feeling excited and happy today.  My husband won a competition at work which was ran by Sony and he won FIVE Sony products including a television and a Sony Vaio laptop!!)  He brought the prizes home earlier so I haven't gotten around to setting up the laptop but this will be useful for editing You Tube videos since I have a netbook at the moment and its pretty limited to what I can do.
I'm not too pleased with JolieBox at the moment as I have still not received my box.  I have seen quite a few people mention not receiving theirs and i'm sure these things happen but it just makes you feel like 'what are the odds that the one to go missing was yours?!'  I'm disappointed because I love making my YouTube videos and since everyone else's arrived Thursday and Friday even if mine arrived tomorrow its old news !!  They have replied to my email and advised me to allow until Wednesday and if not they shall re-send but its just a shame.
Something I have been loving is this app called 'Draw Something'  As you may have gathered I kinda like drawing / art and all of that good stuff so this game is perfect for me!! It's a sort of teamwork game I suppose... you get given three words rated 'easy' 'medium' and 'hard... you pick a word to draw and get coins if the person guesses it correctly using the jumbled letters provided.  If any of you fancy playing, you're welcome to search for the name 'liverpoollashes' and play against me - that would be fun!  The photo on the right shows my drawing of a troll - 1990's toy with the crazy coloured hair.    I'm also a big fan of 'Words With Friends' and 'Scramble With Friends' - again - if you want to seach for 'LiverpoolLashes' then we can play against each other !! 
Anyway - i've been busy trying to get my spare bedroom into a mini salon to do waxing etc.  I wont really be working from home but I mean the occasional friend or family member that wants something doing - i'll be all ready for.  I'll probably take some photos to show you all when its completed.


  1. Ooh that nail polish is really beautiful :)
    I think Ill go have a look if I can find that over here :)


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