Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nail Of The Day

Just changed up my nails and fancied something shimmery so I've used Rimmel Pro in "Show Off" with one coat of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in "Silver Lining." In truth i'm only changing them because I caught the red polish with my file whilst doing acrylics yesterday and as I have a client booked later on today... I don't want her thinking I'm a trampy nail tech!

Wow this Silver Lining is amazing. I saw it on someone else's blog over a black polish and had to have it. These photos do not do it justice but it's a dull day today so I've took the best photo I could!!

I like these polishes as both of them have that crazy wide but flat brush.  Its minimal effort which is a major plus side because the chances are i'll catch them with the file tonight (althought tonight i'll be wearing tech tape so I should be ok) but just incase - I wont bother doing anything special(!) 


  1. you a trampy nail tech haha, no way karen. Im always ruining nails when filing other peoples nails. When I remember I use the protective tape. These are lovely colours karen. My hands are so dry at the minute so Im looking forward to trying that oil you recommended :) xx


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