Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New OPI Purchase!

Ok now I've gotten over the initial "making a blog" - let's get down to the good stuff.

I've just had an order arrive from Fragrance Direct (I did a video on this called "Discounted Genuine OPI Polishes") and I mentioned there that I wanted to get "I Lily Love You" which was from the Nice Stems collection last year. I have it in a miniature but that was only in desperation as the full sized version was sold out!

I thought it would be good as alot of clients seem to go for the sparkle if they see it on my nail desk so this is a good one to sit pretty and catch their eye.

It's a gorgeous fuchsia tinted clear polish with pastel toned flakes and glitter - I'm in love!

I'm showing you it on my fingers with OPI That's Berry Daring underneath and pictured next to "I Lily Love You"


  1. Thats so so pretty :) loving the glitter!! I am so jealous of your nail shape, don't think I've ever told you that haha xx

  2. You have really pretty nail shape, I Lily Love You is in my wish list, but I guess, 1st will be Teenage Dream :)

    P.S Found you through BBC and I am now following you, will be glad if you visit me back!


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