Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Carmine Beauty Box February 2012

So todays post is all about my February Carmine Beauty Box. It arrived this afternoon and I was particularly excited since I have been waiting since mid last week for my JolieBox that's STILL not arrived.

As you can see by this absolute FEAST of treats in this box - it was a jammed pack with good stuff - so exciting !! I feel like Carmine is so under-appreciated on YouTube - I have made a video (click here to watch) about this months box.

On to the good stuff... the products!!

Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish - 5.5ml - FULL SIZE

The card says.. 'Incredibly glossy and long lasting.'

The colour I received is 'Joanna' which is a gorgeous red shade with pink tones and shimmer. Comparing this bottle to an OPI polish (15ml) it would work out pretty expensive - more than an OPI for the equalivant amount of polish. I have looked up this product and its stocked in Superdrug and is £5 so i'm interested to try it out!

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash - 125ml - FULL SIZE

The card says... 'Exquisitely fragranced in the name of spring, these natural body washes will leave your skin velvety smooth and smelling like heaven'

With the rose scent I have to say I instantly think 'Turkish Delight!' which I love. I have looked this one up and on the Balance Me website this tube is £8.

Yardley London - Peony Fragrance

The card says... 'It's as if Yardley London managed to take spring and put it into a bottle'

I have to agree with this statement. If you dont like floral perfumes - this isnt for you. I think its gorgeous but I generally like most perfumes!! This was just a bonus product in this months Carmine box.

Steamcream in 'Capri' (Limited Edition) 75g - FULL SIZE

The card says... 'There colourful tins designed in Japan contain the latest concept in skincare; a lightweight, all-in-one moisturiser featuring nourishing oils - that can be used literally from head to toe.

I am SUPER excited about this one - the tin is lovely - starfish were the theme to my wedding so I feel like this tin has been hand-picked for me !! The product itself is creamy but still light and has a scent of essential oils and total luxury. It was a Beauty Insiders Choice Winner in 2010 and I think it's pretty obvious why when you smooth it onto your skin - gorgeous !! Already planning on purchasing my next one - the website has some AMAZING designs and the tin will definitely be re-used!

Diego Dalla Palma 'The Lipstick' Mini

The card says... 'This sophisticated, intense pigment lipstick provides the perfect touch of long lasting colour'

The shade I received is '32' which is a coral / orange and not really anything I would wear but this can't really be helped ! Judging by the description I expected a more intense pigment. The full sized version can be purchased from Tesco Direct for £14.

White Glo Toothpaste 24g

The card says... 'Get ready to brush your way to a sexy smile, a la Jessica Alba.'

I was so excited to see something different in a beauty box, for me they dont all have to be about make up and perfume so this was a lovely change. Hopefully it shall live up to my expectations!

Overall - a brilliant box from Carmine. The three full sized products are worth £23 which is £10 more than I paid for the box - very pleased indeed !!


  1. I got my carmine box today and the products are great, i got the blue nail varnish, I got the orange body wash and the tin I got was the leopard print one. I was going to cancel it after this month because my free postage ran out but don't think I can after this months box.

    1. Hehe - Its hard to cancel any of them because even when they're not so good theres that feeling of 'but what if I cancel and then something amazing is in the next box?!' For me I love the Beauty Box idea - I will either give away what I'm not interested in or i'll sell it on ebay so theres no waste x

  2. fantastic box karen, nice review xx


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