Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Waxing Wednesday & Happy 29th February!

So i've been to another beauty therapy lesson tonight at college. This time we were taught how to wax eyebrows, lips and chins which was the main bit I wanted to learn so I'm delighted.

I regularly get my eyebrows and lip waxed so this wasn't a big deal but I found the chin wax (which was just done for practice as so far I don't suffer with an issue there) was equally not a bad area to be waxed in.

Next week it's bikini line and underarms and I am NOT looking forward to it in any shape or form. Underarms are fine but baring all to another girl in college to wax is not something I'm keen to do(!) (although I might add you are generally covered with a towel she's bound to see bits)

I am thoroughly enjoying the waxing section of the course - regardless of the pain factor! I am so excited for the summer knowing that this skill will be so valuable.

I enabled JolieBox again today to tell them I still haven't received my box and in fairness to them I had a response within the hour apologizing again and advising they've dispatched another. To be truthful I already know what's going to be in the box as I gave up on holding back on watching everyone's videos!

Hope you've all had a good 29th February - it's fun to think in four years time when this day comes around "what will we be doing?" who knows how life will have changed by then!!

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