Saturday, 3 March 2012

Birthday Girl Blogs

So today is my 27th Birthday. I've never really been bothered about my age until now - as I creep up towards 30 I think I might carry on celebrating my birthdays but stop counting up the numbers !! Its been a good day - I just launched my 'Birthday Giveaway' on You Tube (Click HERE to watch) and my phone has been buzzing even more than it was before with emails from all of the entry comments (My phone has been going crazy today anyway with text messages and emails wishing me a happy birthday which is lovely!) I started the day pretty early (it's amazing how you can always manage to get up early on your birthday and Christmas isn't it?!) My husband was already out of bed... and the car was gone... he'd gone to get me a McDonalds Breakfast (I've been slimming down for the past 6 months so this is something that I obviously haven't had in a long time!) Hubby and I spent the day with my parents at Chester Zoo (I love it there!) and it was a good walk (burnt off a few bites of the McDonalds I hope!)  

If i've managed to make some of the calories vanish then my 'birthday cake' was 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  These little beauties are sooooo bad for you but I adore them so they're a total treat.

So here's my main present...  some people might be suprised but the moment I didnt want any jewellery or perfume etc but wanted something to help make the lighting better for my photos and videos as I love doing them and just want to make the best of what I can.  I know NOTHING about lighting and gadgets like that but I saw these and thought they seemed like what I needed and hoped for the best !!  My giveaway video (linked in first paragraph) was filmed at 11.30 last night with NO lights on in the room - just these two lamps and I was delighted with the result, now I can film day or night !!

Amongst other presents I got these shoes off my husband.  I saw them in New Look and tried them on but they weren't suitable for the wedding I was going to. Obviously he made a mental note (brownie points!)  They're from their 'wider fit' range which is brilliant for my duck feet(!)  They were £19.99 and are available in navy too which are really lovely (I may go and purchase these too!) I took this photo with my new lights - ahhh I love them !!
I'm sad that my birthday is drawing to a close, every year i'm like this and I hate the feeling !!  I remember as a child being devastated when it was time for all of my friends to leave my party !! I suppose I just have to tell myself that if it was my birthday everyday then 1) it wouldnt be as special and 2) i'd be REALLY old !!

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