Tuesday, 27 March 2012

GlossyBox For Men March 2012

So finally the GlossyBox For Men has arrived for my husband.  He loves getting his surprise male grooming products in his 'man box.'  I have to say he's not vain at all and can sometimes annoyingly not care what he looks like but for when hes feeling in the mood to improve his skin, etc then these sized tubes are perfect for him as its enough to use until he starts getting a little bored with it all again ! This box is delivered quarterly but has 7 luxury sized samples for £15 plus P&P.
The box is a very manly taupe brown colour - identical to the female version on the outside but plain black on the inside rather than the pink crown logo.  The products lay on a bed of those paper widget things (does anyone know the name of them? answers on a postcard!) wrapped in tissue paper and finished with a GlossyBox sticker, tied with a black ribbon. The card inside reads 'Gentlemen, the wait is over.  You next dose of the ultimate grooming products has arrived!  Containing the greatest and latest manly must haves, you can be sure your look is more couture than clown'
Onto the products (and my thoughts along with hubby's)

Organic Homme By Green People - Active Fix Repair Serum 20ml (full size is £16.50 for 50ml) The card says 'Extraordinary age reversal plant formula with a clinically proven cell rejuvenator to actively reduce wrinkles.  The scent is really fresh and organic.  What I like about it is the directions are literally 'lightly tap on to face and neck, particularly focusing on heavily lined areas'  For those men out there like my hubby that are slightly hopeless with fancy instructions this is one step that they can all manage !

4711 - The Original Eau De Cologne 3ml (full size is £10.95 for 50ml)  The card says 'Pour a generous amount of cologne into cupped hands and apply liberally around the neck, cheek and wrist area for instand refreshment.  I think most people will recognise this cologne - it was only GemsMaquillage (YouTuber & Blogger) that was talking about it in one of her recent videos and how she loves it's history and scent.  This cologne was created in 1792 and is formulated from the essential oils of citrus fruits blended with Rosemary, Lavender and Neroli. This unique scent is suited to both sexes and its ultra-fresh citrus notes instantly revive the wearer.

The Legends London Alum Matchsticks - Full size product RRP £1  The card says 'Natural after shave astringent' When my husband saw these in the box he said 'MATCHES?!' and was a little puzzled but these little matchsticks seem to be a brilliant idea.  Used after shaving, the alum matches calm razor burn, soothe and help to keep recently shaving skin in good condition.  Hubby kindly advised me that I will need to get a massive amount of these since he tends to cut himself on a regular basis !!  

Liz Earle For Men Face Scrub 30ml (full size is 75ml for £13.25)  The card says 'Pumice and jojoba beads exfoliate and help clear blocked pores - leaves skin clearer and ultra-smooth.  This was the product that I was most excited about and my eyes were drawn to it when we opened the box.  For valentines day I purchased hubby the travel range of Liz Earle products which contained the hot cloth cleanser and moisturiser so now he can try out the face scrub as well which his skin does need.  Good for you GlossyBox for getting a brilliant brand into the box !

FAB Body Moisturiser 56.7g (full size is £13 for 226.8g) The card says 'The ultimate travel companion for all skin types that provides irritant-free hydration'  This moisturiser has two major plus points for me - its paraben free but most importantly its fragrance free which is perfect for men and will cover all of the skin types.  Hubby has really sensitive skin so it is important that the products he uses is suitable for him.  I also like the packagine - 'First Aid Beauty' apparently !!

Kyoku For Men Sake Infused Shave Cream 9ml (full size is £25 for 170ml)  The card says 'Prevents redness, irritation and moisture loss and guarantees a razor slick glide for a smooth, calming shave.  This sounds like a dream product for men if it lives up to it's promise.  I have to admit I am a lady who doesn't mind dropping some cold hard cash for a good product so for the price of this cream I would hope it is brilliant.  It's a shame its only a sachet and not a miniature but beggers can't be choosers eh?!

Dr Bronner's Magic Liquid Soaps Lavender Hand Sanitiser 59ml - full sized product - £3.99  The card says 'a lavender scented hand sanitizer in  a handy spray size, perfect to carry around with you.  My thoughts?  If you had to read this one twice then you probably had a simular reaction to both hubby and I !!  I'm not sure how I feel about having a hand sanitiser in a 'male grooming kit' - let alone a lavender one (which has the stereo type of being an older lady's fragrance)  I'm certain the spray will be handy but its a lot more likely that either hubby will leave it in his car for emergency freshen ups or I will use it in my handbag.  I think it was a rather unusual choice and a shame that it wasn't a more general fragrance if they had to put a hand sanitiser in at all !! 

All in all - hubby is happy.  The box paid for it's self although I would have liked to see a miniature fragrance in there.  I lik GlossyBox For Men as I think I can keep an eye on what he likes and uses and it's a perfect present then to buy the full sized versions for him.  We shall eagerly await the next one in June !!


  1. Awesome things :) I think my fiancé would enjoy these products too :)
    I have awarded you on my blog :) Under my header you see a page called Awards! Click on that and scroll down the page and you will see the award :) Its called The Blogger Appreciation Award :)

  2. Oh my god, I wish we had half as many amazing products in our beauty boxes here in Canada! Looking at your blog is making me want to buy pretty shiny things that aren't available here haha!


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