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JolieBox March 2012

So todays post is all about the March JolieBox - their first all full-sized products box (yes you've read that correctly!) Now compared to my slight disappointment last month - this has really taken me by suprise (and i'm sure a lot of other people too - definitely those who unsubscribed after last months box!) I was delighted to see that they seem to be continuing on with the fabric bag as opposed to the paper pieces in all of the other beauty boxes - I've been using the other one to keep my glitter pots & coloured acrylic in and it was getting a little overstuffed so now I de-clutter it a little!!  

This months theme is 'Put a spring in your step' according to the card enclosed which has all of the products listed.  So onto the good stuff... the products.

Yardley Luxury Body Wash - 200ml £2.50  The card says 'A luxury body wash to cleanse and nourish the skin.  Available in three floral scents'  Mine is in 'Royal English Daisy' and as you can imagine it is a slightly floral scent with hints of... I think possibly citrus? its sweet anyway and truly is luxurious.  The the price I think its amazing quality and you truly do get a lot of product.  I'm actually interested in testing the other two scents out as well.
Davines Authentic Moisturing Balm 75ml - £9.99 The card says 'A natural and conditioning balm to be used on face, hair and body.  Conditioning ingredients such as jojoba and sesame oil'  I feel like I say this with every box but the scent on this product is really calming - just like the sleep sprays that you apply to your pillow at night.  I'm interested to try this out on my hair as when I first read it I thought it sounded odd that you could put a product on your skin as well as your hair.
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - Power Pink £10 The card says 'This skinny eyeliner pencil provides precise definition and intense long-lasting colour.  Available in six different shades.  My instant reaction was disappointment - i'm not going to lie to you as I knew this product has been featured in another beauty box (February edition of GlossyBox) but I was delighted to see that this time I have the pink one since last time I received the plum shade.  When I uploaded my GlossyBox video I remember there was a lot of talk of people receiving the pink one and I said to one subscriber 'pink sounds a little odd for an eyeliner' but she replied and told me its for your waterline to help make your eyes look awake (an alternative to white eyeliner) and thats when I decided it sounded brilliant - and it is!! 

LCD Nail Polish 8ml - £10 The card says 'A fasty drying polish available in four on-trend pastel shades.  I actually can't seem to find the colour to mine but its the white shimmer polish that I received.  I have to admit it's pretty but for the size of it it's pretty expensive !! A regular sized OPI is 15ml and retails for around £10 (in the UK) thats basically double the size of this bottle !!  I've not seen this brand before - both as a consumer or in a professional sense but I have to say the packaging doesn't scream luxury or high-end which is a shame.

JolieBox Mirror The card says 'A dainty compact mirror that will fit perfectly in your make-up bag'  It certainly is dainty & pretty delicate but i'm sure everyone who has received it will put it to good use - I know I certainly will and it was lovely to receive something that's a little different.  It's super lightweight and very thin.

Also in the box was the first edition of 'JolieMag' which is a nice refreshing read.  It features a little mention of some of the previous products they have sent but mainly has current fashion and beauty products.  Brilliant idea JolieBox! 

Overall - this box was brilliant and more than I ever thought a beauty box would do (although Carmine does come pretty close to it pretty much every month and this is why they have always been a favourite of mine but are now merging with GlossyBox)  My only concern is how will they top this next month or will we be left pining for another 'March' box! 

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