Friday, 9 March 2012

New MAC Purchase!

So I went to the local CCO just to see what was available and it was actually the first time that I've looked properly at the lipsticks & lipglosses.  This sounds totally ridiculous but the last time I was in there I said to my husband 'who is going to buy half-used lipsticks?!' since there was just a big pot of lipsticks without lids etc with prices on... I failed to see the sign that told you to take the tester to the till to purchase a NEW one.  How embarassing that it didnt occur to me - and I consider myself to have a little bit of intelligence !!  ** cringe **
Anyway - my eye was drawn to this lipstick - MAC in 'O' which is a frost shade.  I have a few MAC lipsticks but only ever bought via their website and tend to keep buying simular colours so when I saw this one I think it took me back to years ago when I had this sort of dark brown chocolate colour.  My initial reaction was 'this is a crazy colour' but my time on You Tube has taught me that things are not always what they seem so I gave it a little swatch.

A quick swipe and it gives a beautiful bronze glow with slight flecks of gold.  On the lips it turns them into a deeper red/brown with a hint of gold shimmer.

What gets me the most about this lipstick is in every light its a little bit different...

* In the tube is a vampy looking deep brown
* On my hand it's bronze.
* On my lips in the light its a red/brown with shimmer.  
* In other lights its a dark vampy brown
* When I wiped the swatch off my hand with a tissue it had a plum tone to it !!

Whichever way it looks i'm pleased to say it's in the permanent line (I always get suprised when its a permanent product as I assume the CCO stock is all clearance lines)  This lipstick wont be for everyone - I have dark hair and features but on lighter hair and skin tones I can imagine it may look a little gothic (if thats what you're after this is perfect!)

It's a shame I didn't come across this in the Autumn/Winter but i'll wear a gentle swipe of it through the summer until then!


  1. Educate me... What's a CCO?

    1. Its 'Cosmetic Company Outlet' The nearest one (that I know of) is Cheshire Oaks by Millies and Lindor. MAC, Bobbi Brown etc are owned by Estee Lauder so they've made a shop with all of their brand names where as they sell off discontinued stock / excess lines. It's not crazy cheap but it's a good way of paying a little less for the luxury brands x

  2. looks good on your lips karen xx


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