Monday, 9 April 2012

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

So today's post is about the Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer which I received in two of the beauty boxes, I think it was GlossyBox and Feel Unique (RIP!)

I've recently become more dubious of hair care - particularly those that offer the promise of soft and silky hair that we all crave. The reason for this is as you may know I'm coming up to the end of my Beauty course and have recently learnt that this type of product simply coats the hair making it appear shiny and smooth. Over time with regular use this coating builds up to the point where your hair is lank and lifeless. Have you ever felt this way with your hair? I know I have and then I go running out to buy a clarifying shampoo to clean away all of those layers of build up.

That being said - I still wanted to go ahead and test this product out for myself. The reason for this is because Philip Kingsley is a Trichologist (Trichology is a branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.) so he clearly knows his stuff(!)

I have to say that although my hair has been coloured and bleached more times than I care to remember - it is fairly shiny naturally. My actual hair colour is brown with hints of auburn and that's what most of my hair is.. apart from the fun chunk of blonde that I've had for the past year on the left side of my head underneath the part. As this section had been bleached to death it often feels terrible after I've washed it and only feels better after straightening (that's such a warped this to say due to the heat damage straightening causes!)

So directions...

You need to wet hair and apply the Elasticizer in sections, cover with a bag and leave for 10 - 20 minutes.

My initial thoughts were that this was a lot of faffing about before you even wash your hair and I also thought that surely using shampoo and conditioner when you finally get into the shower will wash away the Elasticizer? That being said I still followed the instructions only I wrapped my hair (rather attractively) up in cling film(!)

It washed out easily just like a regular conditioner. When I got out of the shower I generally gently brush my hair and leave it for an hour to dry naturally. I did notice that my hair brushed through easily with the blonde section is normally its so matted so this was a definite improvement.

Once I'd dried and straightened my hair I would definitely say it appeared to be soft and smooth. I'm conscious of the hair at the top of my head looking greasy quicker due to the shine which is why I took a photo straight away to show you that i think it does look like day-old hair. The reason being is that I have a loads of baby hairs and it seems that they've been weighed down in some way.


My overall thoughts on this product is to save it 'for best.' I think if you're doing something special and need your hair to be top notch then try this out. Referring back to my original thoughts, I would imagine it would eventually leave to build up and you needing clarifying shampoo.

Full size 150ml is £22.30 on

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