Monday, 14 May 2012

New Polish - OPI Number One Nemesis

So it's just a quick one to show you my latest OPI purchase. A lovely friend of my placed an order with the OPI distributor as the new Spiderman collection is out and kindly ordered the only one I was interested in - Number One Nemesis.

I did firstly look through other swatches online and was surprised to find that there was only really this one that I was interested in. There is another one in the collection which is similar to Chanels Peridot (that greedy two toned shade) but since I already have Jessica's Iridescent Eye which is also simular, I didn't feel a need to buy it.

So here it is - its a great colour but very close to OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Mavelous which I also have so for that reason I'm pretty much left unexcited.

Equalled my friend actually ordered the full collection and she wasn't very impressed or excited by it either.

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