Sunday, 8 July 2012

Just Catching Up...

As promised I just wanted to do a little update post. I don't like to do these too often because I like posts with photos but there's been so much change recently (hence the lack of posts and videos) so I'd thought I'd share...

My biggest news is that on the 20th June I qualified as a beauty therapist. The course is all over and done with so I can now offer tinting, lashes, waxing, facials and spray tans to my existing nail business. Although I love "doing nails" it's great to be able to offer some completely different services. I now looking into starting an Aromatherapy course in September as I want to be able to offer a few "feel good" services to the business and I'm interested in learning more holistic skills. Honestly if any of you are in this industry you'll know what it's like to just keep rolling and rolling with it, learning more and more!

The another news is that I've left the room I was working in. It was above a hairdressers but we had no passing trade and it wasn't worth the rent, plus the room was too small for me to have a massage bed in to offer any beauty services. I was sad to go - I'm not going to lie but now I have a set up at home which I also use to film my You Tube videos in too. I'm planning on doing a room tour soon so you can see it since it has been requested.

I have two beauty videos coming up that I have already filmed. One is an empties video which is particularly for products that I've received from beauty boxes, if I'd purchase them etc... The other video is a review of the HD Brow tweezers that came in last months GlossyBox. In both videos I'm very honest so I hope if you do watch it i hope you'll appreciate my honesty.

Anyway - that's it for now... I will talk to you very soon


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  1. Congratulations on the new qualification :D I'm looking to do a makeup course every course in Liverpool is full forever or so it seems I'm thinking of going over to Birkenhead to do one x


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