Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A proper update...

Headache gone I can now update you properly about the last 5 months.

So student wise I did an introduction to aromatherapy course which I'm due to complete next week. This means I will now be able to offer full body massages using pre blended aromatherapy oils. There is a course beyond this one that teaches you how to mix your own oils depending on the clients needs and requirements. To be honest I don't think at this stage ill be going to that level. I wanted to learn how to offer massage but even when I signed up to it I never thought if enjoy it as much as I have.

Offering aromatherapy massages are quite strenuous on your body but its also relaxing to yourself as you're just in a moment of just you and your client, relaxing music, essential oil blends... Ahhh bliss! I also love seeing the effects it can give to the client. For most it means a chance to just focus on themselves and at the end of it hopefully some tranquility and a good nights sleep. The benefits are brilliant, it helps with blood flow and can ease cramps in the back of legs, etc.

Work wise things are going well with my nail and beauty business. I still work from home but I'm not working in a gorgeous custom built log cabin style summerhouse. It has all working electronics etc and a separate spray tan cubicle. My clients love it and I adore being in there - I choose absolutely everything myself, the materials, the dimensions, the overall look... I will do a post just on the summerhouse to show you photos etc.

Health wise I've been going to the gym for over a week now and I've shocked myself with how much I enjoy it! I'm not exactly what you call a healthy person but I'm sure with this new health kick I can be one!

You Tube wise I'm now at over 8,000 subscribers on my main channel and over 700 on my second channel. My main channel has over 2.6 million video views. Believe me I couldn't be prouder of how the channel has progressed. When I started making the tutorials I thought that a few people may be interested and I'd get some comments.. Either way I enjoyed that total control it gives me and the chance to be creative with the filming and editing. I'm just the average girl from Liverpool. If you want to read my whole story then it's on my "about me" tag at the top of this blog.

Since this is my first chance of the new year to talk in depth I want to share some hopes & dreams for the year:

* To continue to refine my existing skill as the best thing about the beauty industry is there is always room for improvement and opportunities to learn more.
* To hopefully start a new course in September - Hairdressing. It's a huge step for me but I want to do a more basic course so that I have the knowledge and skill behind me.
* To be in the best possible shape than I have been in in 10 years.
* For You Tube to carry on growing and people to continue to enjoy my videos. I'm also going to try and on Twitter more. There's nothing more I love than to talk to my subscribers. I will often go through all of the comments and reply to each one when I can.
* To be happy. That's all we ever want isn't it?

I think this post is long enough for today! Speak to you all soon


Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm back!

Apologies that I have been MIA for so long. I suppose life just happens and the longer you're away from things the harder it is to come back. After having requests to update my blog (shamefully those requests came from my best friend Rachel and my mum!!) I've decided to start updating it again.

Right now I have a headache so it's a ridiculous time to start posting again although I have quite a lot to talk about so i'll stick to one topic and show you the most recent set of acrylic nails I've created. They have silver glitter tips and the I added a pink foil design to just nail

Ill do a longer post tomorrow - I promise!!