Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Clinique All About Eyes

If you've read my 'Starting Out With Skincare' post (posted on the 5th July) you'll know that it's only been more recently that I've focused properly on looking after my face as I figured that we all only have one face and we had better look after it.  I got a trial sized pot of Clinique All About Eyes in a gift set which had previously sat unloved until my recent focus. 
This cream is pretty thick and luxurious.  I apply this each evening after my usual routine.  I recently read on Caroline Hirons blog that you should apply eye cream first before your face cream so this is the order I apply them in.  

The bottom line is... I really love this cream.  It makes my eye area feel really hydrated which afterall is what we are all after to keep wrinkles at bay.  This little pot pictured is 7ml, less than half the size of the 15ml full sized version for £25 and it has lasted me a couple of months, you really don't need a lot of it.  I can imagine the full sized pot would last me more than 6 months and I would definitely buy this when I run out.

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