Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My 10,000 Subscriber Giveaway

So today is the day I launched my 10,000 subscriber giveaway.  Officially my main You Tube Channel hit 10,000 subscribers three days ago but I've had such a busy week that this was the first day I was able to put everything together into some sort of a video.

Laughably the voiceover for the giveaway video actually took me an hour and a half to do.  I stuttered, I stumbled and I knew you could barely understand what I was saying so I recorded it again.. and again... but you were all worth it !!

Anyway - I know when You Tubers say 'thank you' it's always really cheesey and a bit naff (come on admit it!) but genuinely if you're a subscriber of mine then you don't actually know how valueable you are to me.  Put it this way - not all of my videos may have been what you were hoping to watch / a design you liked / whatever but you've stuck by me regardless. 

In this giveaway I have two main rules - be a subscriber and follow me on Twitter - I think that's fair.  I didn't want to ask people to jump through hoops just to enter my giveaway.  I look at other giveaways and what some people say and it's like.. 'subscribe, follow me on twitter, like my facebook page, follow my instagram, put your finger in a fire if you really love me...' ha I'm just kidding obviously.

The full list of proper rules are in the 'about' tab of the video, but as I say they're nothing too crazy.

Anyway - I think that's all for this post.  Why don't you enter?  The winner will be chosen by on the 8th August 2013.

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