Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Work: The Failed Shellac Nails

Every now and again a little idea pops in my head and I just go with it.  I have used large hexagons before in acrylic and they look stunning so I decided to try them in shellac.  I applied a few silver and gold ones into Shellac Black Pool and they looked AMAZING so after doing a few of those I then thought I'll try it on myself.

I went for a pink theme so I applied Shellac's Cake Pop and then I used Pink Glitter Nail Foil on one random nail on each hand and then added three large hexagons to the alternate bare nails on the opposite hand into the sticky layer, then applied the top coat.

"What makes it a fail?" I hear you ask - yeah those large hexagons lasted about an hour before I noticed the first one popped off.  They looked fabulous but the Shellac top coat just isn't strong enough to hold them onto the nail.  Perhaps two layers of top coat may have held them longer but I have a feeling they would have still fallen away.  Such a shame !

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