Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Work: My latest set of acrylics

I like to throw in some photos of my work if they're interesting / something different / I've remembered to catch them before they leave.

This client is lovely and she always has something fun.  Everytime she arrives she will say something like "remember when you did the mermaid nails / the black and gold nails / the blah blah nails...? Can I have those again please?" Now I believe on making sure they get what they want and if she meant it then that's fine but then ill show her a photo or a sample of something and she's like "I love it! Can I have that please?!" 

This time she saw a sample I had of Shellac Azure Wish with Cream Puff polka dots.  As I have a baby blue acrylic powder (NSI It's A Boy) it was easily replicated only she wanted something slightly different on her ring fingers so chose to have full blue with polka dots on those.

I love them.  I'm a fan of the pastels / polka dots / Laura Ashley style look and more importantly - she loved them!

To top if off at the end she went to grab her purse and I had the pleasure in telling her its a birthday present from her sister and she had already paid me for them - she was so suprised! 

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