Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Work: Shellac With Nail Art

I want to keep this blog mixed of both nails and beauty related posts fitting in with viewers of both of my You Tube channels and also because these two topics interest me equally.

Today's post is just to share with you one my latest jobs.  

The girl that came to me never knows what she wants (her words not mine!) but she fancied turquoise.  As she was having Shellac she quickly choose Hotski To Tchotchke but as  know its quite a sheer colour I dragged out my colour pops and tried it on its only and also on top of Azure Wish.  I know my clients love when I do these sort of things, it's going to the extra mile for them to get the nails exactly what they're after.  In fairness doing this with every client in a busy salon would put big delays on the service but as I work from home and book my own appointments I never have clients in directly after each other (unless its Christmas!) Anyway she choose the version with Azure Wish underneath - I knew she would - it just made the colour seem more dense.

For the flowers I did the same ones as this video:

Only I used Cream Puff, cured and then Hot Pop Pink, cured and then used a glitter polish for the centre.

She loves them and has since messaged me saying that she's getting alot of compliments and had really enjoyed wearing them.

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