Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sexy Look Sheet Masks

A long time ago - possibly two years ago - I was talking on Twitter to 'ChefCaffy' who is a lovely lady over in Singapore about eyelashes.  I ended up sending her my favourite, she sent me hers but in with her parcel she had included two sheet masks.  Previously I had only tried peel off and clay masks so this was a new experience.


As the 'Sexy Look' sheet masks are manufactured for the overseas market, understandably there is no English translation at all on the packaging apart from the brand name.  Luckily it's pretty self explainatory really, apply to face, look at yourself in the mirror for giggles, possibly take a photo, send to your friends like I did and then once you've gotten over it you can peel off after around 15 minutes (a guess!). You're then left with a little residue on your skin that you massage in, this sinks in within minutes.  Afterwards you are left with silky smooth, hydrated and soft skin.

The bottom line is... I truly believe that these masks are brilliant.  At around £1.50 each from eBay (search "Sexy Look face mask") they're a great price and the thing that I like in particular is they're a sheet and not a mask that sets or you need to peel off, there's no scrubbing as your skin at all.  

There are a few different coloured packs in the range (firming, lifting, collagen, etc) but to be honest they're all pretty much the same to me - moisturising and leave your skin feel deeply moisturised and refreshed.

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