Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Soap & Glory Hair Turban

I was recommended the Soap & Glory Hair Turban by a friend who swore that it dried her hair faster.  I don't consider myself to be a "cheap" sort of person but I thought £7.50 was a little steep for something so basic so I held off purchasing it.  It was only when I had a voucher for spending a certain amount of money on Soap & Glory (although the item turned out to be not on the offer!) that I went ahead and picked one up.

My hair is quite thick and takes a little while to dry.  I've recently had it chopped from pretty long to collarbone length for the summer so that it dries quicker but oddly I believe the cut has not made the slightest difference!!  As my hair is thick and naturally wavy I have developed a process to get it into the way I like it which basically involves a million (exaggeration!) shampoos that I rotate for each wash, when I get out I wrap it in a towel, then after ten minutes ill brush it gently and twist it up in a clamp and leave it an hour so that the hair dryer dries it quicker and doesn't struggle getting my hair completely dry.

The steps for the turban are pretty basic and photographed above.  It is a loop in one side which goes over a button at the back of your head to secure in place.  It promises... 

"Dries hair quickly. Designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable, the hair turban is ideal for everyday use at home, in the gym, and while travelling"

I washed my hair as normal, I still wrapped it in my normal towel for a few minutes to take out the first initial bulk of water away and then I wrapped it in the turban.

Well the first thing I noticed was how lightweight it was.  I'm used to trying to balance a pretty hefty towel on my head so this was good.  Checking myself out in the mirror I felt like a pretty cute fifties housewife which was another plus.  When it came to my usual hour of air drying I unwrapped my turban and removed it my hair was definitely drier and for some reason I swear my hair feels softer... Perhaps because hair always responds better the more you air dry it - who knows? 

Bottom line... If my turban was to vanish or get damaged in some way I would DEFINITELY repurchase it.  

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