Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Pedicures are one of the many services I offer so as you can imagine I've tested a lot of foot products, both retail and professional brands.

Before I did any sort of training I had bought Soap & Glory Heel Genius but never really gotten around to trying it out as I knew alot of people applied it to their feet and then slept overnight with the moisturising socks on which I had tried once before and didn't like the feeling.  One night I decided to apply to my feet whilst I was watching television and I was amazed by the results.  On first application I could see a massive improvement in the texture and overall feel of my skin.  This stuff definitely moisturises and hydrates - there's no doubt about it!!

I would say though if you're like me and you don't like overnight socks, I really don't think they're needed.  I've tried this stuff with moisturising socks and after around 30 minutes its all soaked in and completely dry anyway.

The bottom line is... I highly recommend it.  I've recommended it to friends and family.  If it wasn't for the fact it would look unprofessional to use a retail product on my clients I'd definitely include this in my pedicure routines!  I also think for £5.50 you really can't go wrong either - bargain!

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