Thursday, 4 July 2013

Starting out with skincare

My recent obsession with skincare all started when I took a shameful selfy and realised my skin was not looking its best.  It looked dehydrated and therefore borderline wrinkly, tight and all around horrific.  It was then that I started researching, googling, finding You Tubers & Bloggers that seem to know their skincare (mainly Kate from Gh0stparties and her other website Nouvelle Daily, Gemma from Gems Maquillage and of course the queen of skincare Caroline Hirons)

At this point I am 28 years old, I have shamefully used make up wipes to remove my make up for years and that would be my night routine.  I have had cleansers that i've used in fits and starts but never consistantly.  The one thing I always did was to use a moisturiser as although I have oily combination skin my skin needed it or it would feel tight but apart from that this was pretty much my 'routine'    * cringe *

The first thing I did was watch this video from Kate (Gh0stparties)  Its her 'Beginners Skincare' Video...


The next thing I did was to search on the Caroline Hirons Blog and found this 'Routines - Cheat Sheet' as she call them very useful.

The next thing I did was watch this video that was the Pixiwoo sisters interviewing Caroline Hirons for their Body Talk Daily channel on You Tube.  I like explaination Caroline gives for different products, her thoughts and the benefits..

I've since watched tons of You Tube videos on different routines (morning and evening, their favourite products, etc.)  Ive read blog posts on items, looked up individual reviews and started to try products out for myself.  Obviously as with all revies you have to bear in mind that what works for someone else wont necessarily be what works for you and vice versa but its good for a general guide.

The shameful thing is i'm actually trained to do facials.  In fairness it was in college so i'm trained for the process side of things, the bones and muscles in the face, massage movements, etc.  As with most colleges we used a basic skincare range which shall remain unnamed but its a typical low cost line from the beauty supply store.  On our first day learning about facials our tutor asked the group 'who uses make up wipes?' and probably at least 20 out of the 24 mumbled or raised our hands.  The tutor told us to get rid of them straight away, they only push make up around your face and to use a proper system and we would be amazed by the results within 8 weeks.  We all nodded and agreed to do it but when the class was over I went back to my lazy ways - there - i've said it. 

So fast forward to now, i've been using various lotion and potions for around 6 weeks now as much as I wasnt a fan of that tutor, she was right.  I still use make up wipes only now I use them to remove the intial bulk of make up, then a proper remover if needed and a cleanser.  After that I use a whole host of different products, mainly moisturisers like Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream, but then I will mix in overnight masks like Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and every now and again I will use a face oil like Caudalie Divine Oil.  Some of these products are already reviewed on my blog but if not they shall all have my thoughts added this morning so please look out for those.

I do have a Clarasonic Mia, again a review of that will be posted this month.  I do use it occasionally but not every other day or every day like I hear some people use it.

I also like to apply face masks.  Please notice that I said 'apply' as I hate removing most of them.  For that reason I use sheet masks.  Another You Tuber who makes videos occasionally sent me some sheet masks from Singapore.  Obviously when they arrived I didnt know what any of the packaging meant but I put one on a freshly cleansed face and afterwards it felt hydrated and smooth.  I've since located the brand on ebay and ordered myself another box (If you search for 'Sexy Looks Face Mask' you should be able to find it)

So this, I suppose is my current routine.  As I try new products I shall continue to report back !

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  1. my clarisonic broke. I was so mad. I think it makes a difference when used.


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