Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

I feel like I should start this post with a confession.

"My name's Karen and i'm a lazy leg moisturiser"

There i've said it.  It's out there and you can judge all you like.  There's something about moisturising my legs that feels me with dread.  I'll sit and apply it constantly to my upper body and always on my face but that's as far as it goes.  Obviously my legs looks pretty horrendous sometimes because of this but I tell myself they're a long was away from my eyes and ignore them (everything looks better as a distance!)

I was in Boots buying yet another bottle of my favourite Banana Boat's Aloe Vera Gel as i'm a little sunburnt right now when I stumbled across this display...

A moisturising spray that I can throw over my legs? SOLD!! It's actually something I have thought of for a long time after loving L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush Effect Self Tanning Dry Mist - I thought 'if they can do a self tanning mist then why doesn't someone come up with a moisturiser?"

After standing there trying to decide between Cocoa Radiant, Aloe Fresh or Essential Moisture I finally went for Cocoa Radiant version on my husband's say so (not that he often calls the shots but for random decision making I can always turn to him!)  

As soon as I got out of the shop and into the car I sprayed in on myself (but mostly on the window!) and I was hooked.  The mist is fine, it sprays evenly with a continuous stream of product which dries quickly and doesn't leave a greasey feeling.  Afterwards my skin is left instantly soft with the delicate scent.  

The bottom line is... I love this stuff! I can't stop spraying it to the point where as my husband said 'you're going to run out of that really quickly!'  

My thoughts on the price though... The normal price seems to be £4.99 and this might sound a little stupid but I think thats a little higher then I expected.  I appreciate I buy some pretty expensive products so £5 is nothing in the grand scheme of things but there is 190ml of product, the next best thing to this is Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiance Rich Feeling Lotion 200ml which is only £2.99!  Okay it's only £2 but I just don't see why this spray version is more expensive for slightly less product.  

Overall (and ignoring my price rant) I love it.  Buy it.  I recommend it.  Just kidding.  But I do recommend it.


  1. I bought this the other day in boots! I'm lazy moisturiser too!! I never do my legs! This will be perfect for me to use! Xx


  2. I love this product! Perfect for hot summer days! I think I'll buy the Cocoa Radiant one when I run out of mine x

  3. I love these sprays. So quick and easy!



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