Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara

As a You Tuber myself, when you watch other peoples favourite videos and they're always mentioning the same certain products, I take it that this person really thinks it's worth shouting about.  

Kate from gh0stparties constantly mentions the Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara and how brilliant it was.  I was intrigued because it's not a product that I've heard raved about but then on the other hand, I've heard of plenty of raved about products that when I've tried myself have not been worth the hype whatsoever.  

I finally made a note of the mascara she raved of because so far, her recommendations have been spot on and I really value her opinion, particularly for skincare.


So, onto the mascara itself.  It has a small plastic brush but when I say small I mean that's because I'm so used to the huge brush from the Benefit Bad Gal Lash.  With one swipe my lashes were evenly coated, length and volume added.  When I applied a second coat it really gave almost double the lashes of the first coat and the part I loved is that it didn't clump.  Maybe I've just had bad experiences recently with a certain mascara which will get it's own day in court (well, on this blog anyway.) 


The bottom line is... I highly recommend it.  I'd go as far as to say it could even rival my Benefit Bad Gal Lash which I've loved for at least five years, even wearing it on my wedding day.  I really think it's a wonderful product and seems to be everything you'd want in a mascara.  I can now see what Kate was raving about when she spoke about this hidden little treasure!

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  1. I've heard loads of people talk about this too actually, so I may need to give it a go myself! I've only ever tried one Clinique mascara, I can't remember which one but I wasn't very impressed :( This one seems a lot better!

    Hannah x


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