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Layla Cosmetics Nail Polish Review

Doing the job I do I hear a lot about different polish brands, new products, effects... the list is endless.  I have saw plenty of swatches of Layla polishes but they've always been from overseas bloggers so I assumed it was a brand that wasn't available in the UK.  When LookFantastic got in contact with me and offer to send me a selection of the range I was delighted to finally find a stockist.  With my recent addiction to skincare I am regularly browsing their website anyway so I'm surprised I haven't already come across them. 

Layla Cosmetics is an Italian company based in Milan, the capital of fashion, which has produced and distributed its own high quality brand for over 60 years. It is the only Italian company that manufactures and markets its nail polish and also a wide range of make-up. 

Layla Cosmetics definitely seems to keep up with the trends as they have quite a few ranges in their collection - Caviar, Ceramic Effect, Magneffect, Graffiti Effect, Gel Effect and Softouch EffectLookFantastic sent me a selection of four out of the six ranges which I have trialled and tested over the last few weeks to review for you so let's get started.

First up is Layla Cosmetics Gel Effect Nail Polish - No.3 Barbie Pink.  The moment I saw this colour I was in love, it's a bright hot pink magenta sort of shade.  As always I am incredibly honest and I have to admit when I hear things like 'Gel Effect' I always think it's just a word thrown in to make a polish sell and not always an accurate description of the product.  For me the best way to test this was the put it again an actual gel polish so that's exactly what I did! 


The photos above are the Layla Cosmetics Gel Effect Nail Polish - No.3 Barbie Pink. (top) against a photo my nails with Shellac's Bikini Pink with a silver foil accent nail (below)  Notice the shine on both sets of nails.  How surprised would you be if I said that the Layla polish photo was taken without a top coat?!  The shine is truly incredible. 

Next up is the Layla Softouch Effect Nail Polish No.1 Marshmallow Twinkle.  At first when I saw this one I just thought it was a pretty silver shimmer polish but the 'Softouch Effect' name intrigued me.  I applied it over the previous Gel Effect polish just on my ring finger.  On application I realised that this isn't a regular polish, the effect is a fine glitter that dries to a matte finish.  Over the pink it is absolutely gorgeous, if you apply one thinner coat it allows the pink to show through but still the amazing matte finish that still somehow almost sparkles as well?!

Personally I like the effect just on one nail as an accent but obviously you could wear this on every nail.  You could also apply two layers to completely cover but I think that this polish would also look stunning with one coat of the silver over a teal or black polish.  The good news is that the Softouch Effect range has quite a few colours including gold so you can have gallon of fun with different combinations. 

Now onto Layla's Graffiti Effect Nail Polish - No.15 Special Violet, with this line you apply over a contrasting colour underneath and once it's dry you then apply the Graffiti Effect without precision, watch it turn matte and crack over your nails in a unique pattern.  A top tip for this type of polish is to try and apply it fairly thinly and not to go over the same area more than once as it seems a thicker coat stop the polish cracking as well.

The directions say on the bottle you can leave it as it is or apply a top coat to turn the matte finish shiny so below is a photo of what my nails look like with a top coat applied.

The last polish I have to review is the Layla Magneffect - No.17 Deep Violet.  This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. 

As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern for an amazing finish.  

This style of nails is something I really enjoy as they're smart but unusual.  Also it's nail art but something that everyone of any age can do.  You definitely have to be pretty quick with getting the magnet over the nail so each nail needs to be done individually.  

I applied my base coat, one coat of the polish and then it was then that I did each nail one by one to create the effect.

Again both photos featured are without a top coat which to me is amazing the results were an extremely glossy finish. 

The magnet as a line across it at the top so it's easy to work out which way the stripe design is going to go.  For this design I held the magnet at a diagonal angle across my nail but you could turn it slightly to make a horizontal or vertical stripe.

The bottom line is... I adore Layla polishes.  Each one has a medium sized brush which is absolutely perfect.  Some brands are bringing out massively wide brushes with their newer bottles which is good in some respects until it comes to trying to polish your little fingernail and then its more difficult to make a neat job around the cuticle area.  The consistency is exactly what all nail polish lovers are after - smooth, good coverage in one coat and if it's meant to have a shine finish then they're really super glossy.

Definitely a range that you need to check out!

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