Monday, 19 August 2013

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Having recently struggled to sleep I went into the Lush store in search for natural ways to help me relax before bed.  I decided to try out their Twilight Bath Bomb which contains lavender oil, in the hope that it would help. 


Now call me tight but this bath bomb is pretty big compared to others so in my mind I figured I that I chop it in two and get two uses out of it.  Hacking it in half wasn't too bad, it was a bit crumbly but easily done.  Inside it reminded me of those massive gobstoppers you used to get when you were a child and you'd lick them for three hundred hours until they were tiny.  Chucking one half into the running water I sat and watched it fizzle.      

Once it was done and there were nothing left of the bath bomb, I realised that the water didn't have much colour to it, you could barely smell it, so it wasn't really going to do the trick as a product to help you sleep.  Begrudgingly I threw in the other half, accepting that my tight-wad ways hadn't worked out this time and watched it fizz away. 

The teal sort of colour the centre turns into the water is lovely, my bath did get a lot darker with the full bath bomb in.  Little bits of glitter appeared which did make my bath look like the moonlit sky with a few stars.  The fragrance was definitely a lot stronger too and extremely relaxing. 

Looking back at it though to write this review, I now think I've missed the full experience.  Lush's website says:

"Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left with the glimmer of stars."

I suspect that if I hadn't chopped it in half and allowed it to do what it was supposed to do, the pink would have fizzed away first giving me a  pink sunset coloured water and then the blue would have kicked in to make the bath darker and darker until it got to the little bit of glitter right in the centre.  Massive fail on that part and I'll happily admit to it.  I have always enjoyed the way your skin feels from the Lush bath bombs, they really make you feel moisturised and silky.

The bottom line is... I do think the combination of getting a nice warm bath and scent definitely helped me get to sleep at a decent hour last night which is brilliant.  The part I struggle with is the price.  At £3.25 this is a pretty expensive bath for a one off.  I'm all for the more luxury things in life but this isn't the sort of product that people who love baths could be affording a few nights a week.  I would buy this bath bomb again but it shall be reserved for 'treat baths' (If you've read my Origins Ginger Up Shampoo review yesterday you'll already know that 'treat showers' definitely exist - file 'treat baths' under the same concept.)


  1. The pink and turquoise in the bath look brilliant when they are fizzing. I'd love it as a shower foam-y thing.

  2. It looks gorgeous! If you like Lush you should definitely check out Bomb Cosmetics! Its like a cheaper version of lush!!!

    1. I think I definitely need to!! I don't even think I've heard of them before!! Thanks for the heads up ! x

    2. They aren't a very well heard of company! They opened a store by me and no one ever heard of it for weeks! But they're becoming more known about now and have set up an online website. You can purchase off it too! :)

  3. loving the concept of treat baths and showers! I agree with the point of Lush's bath bombs etc are a bit pricey for just one bath - this is why I mostly use Bomb Cosmetics like LauraNataliee [above comment]

    Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover DUPE + cheapest available?

  4. I am exactly the same with lush bath bombs...I tell myself it's ridiculous spending nearly £4 on one bath and shove in half..then begrudgingly crumble in more and more until I'm left with so little you'd not even notice it in a puddle. So annoying!


    1. ha !! Well I'm glad it's not just me Holly !! My mum laughed when she read this blog post and what I did but I'm just trying things out like the average consumer and I'm sure everyone would try to get more for their money! Following your blog on Blog Lovin now too x


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