Thursday, 22 August 2013

MAC Paint Pot in 'Bare Study'

For pretty much two years or more I've been obsessed with eyeshadows.  It all started with eyelashes (hence the username) but then it went on from there.  I love that you can dress up your eyes if you want to or add a little subtle something and a fun lip.  I love the million different colour combinations, the shapes you create, everything.  If you're a regular eyeshadow wearer then the chances are you'll need a little something to help it last longer and if you have oily eyelids, to help them not crease too. 

A while ago I went Paint Pot crazy and ordered MAC's Paint Pot in 'Bare Study.'  This is a pale, champagne shades cream shadow. 

MAC say:

"A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish."


Well I'm afraid I have to disagree with this one MAC.  My Paint Pot is not creamy, the colour is weak and borderline watery looking.

I bought this Paint Pot at the same time I bought Painterly (which has it's own review posted on the 13th August 2013) so it's clearly nothing to do with the age of it.  I feel like I'm missing something with this one, I'd heard people say that they just wear it alone for a quick look but I wouldn't want to wear the wishy-washy (technical term) colour on my lids. 


I absolutely hate giving a negative review on a product that seem to be so well loved by others.  I imagine angry Bare Study fans crossing me off their Christmas card list but it was only when talking to Leanne (Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder Blog) and she mentioned having the same issues, that I decided to speak out!
The bottom line is... I want to love it, I really do.  I adore Painterly which, as my review says, I'll never be without.  It has a creamy, butter-like texture that glides onto the skin and actually offers coverage if you just wanted to wear it alone.

Perhaps if I didn't have Painterly and know how that is I'd like it but since I know how good a Paint Pot should be, I've clearly been utterly spoilt.  

I will continue to use it to see if my mind is changed but for the length of time I've had it so far I'm going to guess this isn't going to happen.

Bare Study - you're a weak excuse for a Paint Pot * no offence * ha


  1. That's funny. I like Bare Study, it's nice on its own for a simple light shimmery look. And Painterly on me goes patchy and draggy, and it's ok, but not my first choice as a primer.
    Everyone else seems to love Painterly though, everything suits everyone different :)

    1. Ahhh this is so interesting to me! I wonder if something happens to them to change the consistency. I can't say I've had the dragging like you explained but I scoop a bit out with the back of my nail, warm it between my two ring fingers and within a second it goes like butter and apply it on with ease. I'm so curious about why my Bare Study is SO watery now, especially as you say you wear it alone as you can see my lids through mine?! x


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