Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Macadamia NoTangle Brush

Was I the only child that used to squeal when mum brushed my hair?  She always seemed to be so rough with it, my face would jolt up when she caught a 'tat' (tangle/knot/whatever you called it) and overall it was a terrible experience that I dreaded. 

I was given the Macadamia NoTangle Brush in the #midsummermeet and was keen to test it out for myself as I've always been keen to try the true detangling brushes.  I think the biggest test is to try this bad boy out on wet hair as it's when it's at it's weakest, it's extremely important to not pull the strands or they could possibly snap so that's exactly what I did.  


I think the best way to describe this brush is that as you're brushing your hair, with the first swipe you can feel the bristles working their way through some of your hair but not all of it.  As the bristles are so flexible you can feel a few of them bending out of the way on the first go.  I think the idea behind that is that the traditional hairbrush doesn't do this and will try to brush all of your hair at the same time, causing a massive tat/tangle/knot that you then have to work free.  When you pull the NoTangle Brush through your hair again you can feel it untangle more and the third swipe smoothed my hair completely.

I love the ergomical design of this brush, it's really easy to hold and I prefer it with the handle compared to some other companies that do not have one.  This brush is also available in a funky pink shade too but I like that this one is the Macadamia branded colours (it's brown on the other side.)

The bottom line is.. I think this brush is an absolute must for anyone with mid length to long hair.  I definitely think all parents should have one for their daughters so they don't have to have the same experiences most of us had as children.  It's a durable product so I can't imagine needing a replacement, but if and when the time comes, I'd definitely put an order in for one!

Please note that this one I have came with the Macadamia Deep Treatment Mask & their famous Oil which I shall be reviewing at a later stage.


  1. Looks fab! I have the tangle teezer, they look very similar!


    Jamie ♥

    1. Yes they do!! I prefer this one though as it has a handle but they seem to be very simular in terms of the design x


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