Friday, 16 August 2013

#Midsummermeet with Look Fantastic, MyBag and AllSole

Last night I attended the Mid Summer Meet hosted by Look Fantastic, All Sole and My Bag at Walrus in the Northern Quarter.

Apart from the shaky hands as I climbed in my car, I was ridiculously excited as this was my first event.  I prepared for the best part of a week, dyed my hair, did a moisture mask on my face every day so that when I had a spray tan it was even and dithered about what to wear.

I changed my nails for the occasion so I figured I'd include those in this post.  I decided to go back to something I wore last year and loved so much.  It's rare for me to go back to anything, in fact I think this is the only time I've had my nails exactly the same.  I did red shellac with foils using Hollywood underneath.  I do have a 'how to apply foils with shellac video' if you do want to watch that.

So... onto the event.  I met Laura from near the venue and when we arrived we were guided downstairs to the private event area and treated to a drink of your choice.  Benefit Cosmetics, Moroccan Oil, L'Oreal Professional, Evo, Burts Bees and Nails Inc were all there with their own small display of products and representatives ready to give you consultations and advice for each brand.


So the first stop for us was the Benefit display where there was a lovely lady showing us the new Benefit Boxed Powder in 'Rockateur' that's due to be launched next month.  

She was also doing make up for anyone that wanted it but typically I'd arrived with it all done and my signature lashes.  

Nails Inc were doing peoples nails.  I wouldn't have minded being treated to having my nails done but as I had my Shellac on then that was that out of the question too but never mind!


L'Oreal demonstrated their new Professionnel Steampod which is designed to have a continuous steam pressure combined with its anodised ceramic plates meaning it straightens and smooths the hair and therefore leaves it looking glossy and silky smooth.

Benefit demonstrated how to contour and highlight.  Interestingly the lady mixed 50% Boing Concealer with 50% High Beam and applied under the eyes.  I'm actually thinking of mixing my High Beam with my usual under eye concealer and test this one out for myself!

Moroccan Oil showed us their amazing products.  We watched their model have hair so voluminised it was unbelievable.  He seemed to add so much product to it but then he allowed us to stand up and feel it and amazingly it just felt soft.  Then he just ran a brush through it effortlessly and there were just smooth soft waves.

A lady also came around with a bottle of their famous oil, applied some onto the back of my hand and told me to keep rubbing it in and my skin will just soak it up (which it did.)

The last demonstration was by Evo which I really enjoyed. It featured a model who had platinum blonde hair at 2pm that afternoon.  They applied Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner in Copper to her hair and this conditioner tints the hair giving the results in only three minutes!  There are seven colours in the line intended for lighter and darker hair tones.

I think the best part for me is that he said that the colour lasts for around 12 washes, once its washed your hair will return to the exact colour it was originally which is brilliant for blondes.  I'd be very keen to try this out for myself. 

They also showcased their other products in the range which all have amazingly fun and edgy names.  He showed a fine mist that defied gravity by spraying some into the air and blowing a hair dryer, when it stopped you could see the particles rising where as normally they would obviously fall.

I was delighted to hear of a raffle, splitting the above prizes into three to raise money for Alder Hey Hospital which was brilliant, I hope they raised a good amount for such a brilliant cause. 

 Above is a selection of the displays from Burt's Bees, My Bag, All Sole and Show.

I had a throughly enjoyable evening and was delighted on my way home with a wonderful goody bag that I intend on fully testing and reviewing for you all.  Everyone was lovely and welcoming, full of knowledge and I soaked up every bit like a sponge.  I'd love to attend something simular in future and would hope to be able to speak to some more bloggers.  

To the ladies that made it happen, thank you.  I know theres alot of buzz about it and rightly so, you did a good job.

The below paragraph is intended for my husband who will hopefully see this and get the hint.

Darling this is the Cambridge Satchel Company 11 Inch Leather Satchel in Emerald that was at the event, along with various other amazing colours.  I've spied this bag for such a long time and it would complete me as a person if I could have it in my life.  I'd say this is a perfect gift idea for our anniversary, christmas, birthday or any other date on the calendar.  LOVE IT.


  1. Wow, sounds amazing. Glad you had a good time. I love Moroccan Oil. I should really try some of their other products, see if I can tame my afro haha. Would of loved to be there for the demonstration. Loving the nails too, so pretty. Also, love the bit for hubby!

    1. I've been testing out their shampoo and conditioner and it's gorgeous :) x

  2. Wowwee - so many things i'm impressed with. First of all - your nails , GROGE. Secondly, all those fab brands and demos - how jealous am i?!

    Love Zoe x

    1. Awww thank Zoe. I must admit I do love the look of red foils but I have to resist keep on doing them, definitely will be sad to change them!! The night was brilliant - thoroughly enjoyed myself!! I'm following your blog now on Blog Lovin :) x

  3. THOSE.NAILS. They truly are beautious! I haven't been to a bloggers or beauty event yet either, I think I'd spend a week prepping too!

    Bisous, Jemma xoxo

    1. Ha !! Jemma I had it planned for at least two weeks before when I was going to do my tan, nail, everything! x

  4. So jealous! And yay! For my fave nails :)

    1. yaaaay!! Don't wanna take them off though... :( x

  5. Wow this looks like such a good event. Your photos are fab. And all that makeup! How fabulous! It was such a shame I couldn't go, but V festival called! Hopefully I'll be able to attend the next one, and we'll bump into each other x
    Heroine in Heels


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