Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Work: Gradient Shellac Nails

My friend is a little quirky - some might call her unique (she reads my blog so she will laugh at this reference) She's always wanting something a little bit more jolly on her nails than most so when I came up with doing different shades of Shellac in one colour she was very excited.

The colours used were:

Thumb - Azure Wish
Index Finger - Water Park
Middle Finger - Blue Rapture with Grapefruit Sparkle over it.
Ring Finger - Cityscape with Deep Blue Additive.
Little Finger - Midnight Swim

My friend's sister doesn't often fully appreciate my friend's 'individual' style so it was a big relief when we finally did a set of nails that she approved - happy faces all around !!


  1. Yooooneeeekkkk. Beautiful nails and full of shimmer in real life too, catches the lovely sunshine!



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