Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Work: Grey & Pink Shellac

For the past week I've been trialing a polish line that you will see in an upcoming blog post and video but finally it was time to get back into 'work mode' and do my nails for this weeks appointments.  Those of you that work as a nail technician will know that polish doesn't last five minutes as as soon as you see acetone your polish has fizzled away and this is why I constantly wear Shellac. 

I will admit that my nail idea didn't just come to me this time, I sat with all of my colour pops out trying to cook up something fun.  I always think it's a good idea for nail technicians to wear an eye catching design - it's good for business but it also helps the client decide, I can't count how many times 'I want my nails like yours' has been said to me.  I think the reason for this is that the client sometimes can't visualise anything more than a straight forward colour so when they see something a little more 'out there' they can see it works and want it for themselves.

Without sounding a bit too sure of myself this photo does not do the nails justice.  I have Shellac's Pink Bikini and Asphalt on.  I cut pieces of pink and silver foils up and applied randomly onto the ring finger.  As the foils are the main part of the nails I didn't want to do another pattern to take away from them so I then took Silver VIP Status and applied over the thumb and in a triangle shape on the index finger.  Voila !! 

I adore grey and pink.  I would have loved to do the same thing but with Cake Pop too instead of Pink Bikini... maybe another day...!!


  1. Lovely colour combo and I love the foil effect.

    Great nails! :)

  2. Love it! Those colours are fab together!


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