Sunday, 18 August 2013

Origins Ginger Up Aromatic Shampoo

So today's post is on the Origins Ginger Up Aromatic Shampoo.  Recently since being introduced to the Origins Ginger Hand Lotion I have really enjoyed trying out the Origins range in general, so as I fell in love with the ginger scent I decided to try out their shampoo. 

Within hours of picking up my order from the Boots store I was in the shower testing it out.  It's always exciting trying your new purchases out isn't it?  Hilarious really for a 28 year old woman but I love that feeling.


This shampoo lathers up beautifully, you don't need alot of it and your shower is transformed into a truly aromatic ginger scented experience.  The ginger fragrance almost has a likeness to the cola bottle / cola cubes sweets, delicious!  

The bottom like is... I love this shampoo but at £14 for 200ml I am definitely saving this for 'treat showers' (yes there is such a thing because I made it up!)  Interestingly all of the other Origins Shampoos are 250ml for the same price.  I would buy this again but like most beauty addicts, when something runs out you get tempted to try something different from the brand! 


  1. hehe treat showers! I think I will have to take that idea and stop using all the good stuff every shower! :)

    1. hahaha - I have a mix of cheaper stuff and treat stuff now, means it's a little more special when I use it ! x


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