Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rituals Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream

I'm not ashamed to admit that I bought the Rituals Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream because Fleur De Force raved about it.  I've watched so many of her videos where she mentions how much she adores the Laura Mercier Souffle Body Cream but at over £40 I would definitely have to work myself up into buying something like that.  Then she showed the Rituals Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream in a video saying that she feels like it's equal in many ways to the Laura Mercier version, I was sold. 

When my delivery arrived the first product I opened was the body cream and I was in love, the scent is absolutely stunning.  It's time like this that I wish I could describe a scent so that you could almost smell it yourself but trust me when I say it's truly delightful!  The texture is thicker than a typical lotion but I wouldn't say it was extremely thick like some products that seem like they just sit on the surface of the skin.

The bottom line is... This body cream is simply irresistable.  I have my pot sat on my dressing table and some mornings I can't resist a little sniff as I'm doing my make up (do I have issues?!)  

I think this would be a lovely gift for someone else... mum, mother-in-law (if you like her!) sister, friend or just go ahead and treat yourself!


  1. This sounds gorgeous, does it have a honey scent?

    Jess xo

    1. Hmmm.. I've actually had to go and smell it again to answer your question. No it doesn't smell like honey / typical honey beauty products. It smells more like Indian Rose I think but it truly is utterly gorgeous x


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