Friday, 9 August 2013

The Forbidden Collection: 6x New Shellac Shades & 5x Additives

So today has been an exciting day for me in the 'nail world' as the new Shellac shades and complimenting Additives were launched on the 7th August but today they finally arrived to my doorstep.  All of the shades are definitely suitable for Autumn / Winter.  I have filmed a full video with the swatches of each shade, comparing the colours to the existing shades and more information - click here to watch the video.

The Shellac Shades: (from left to right on the above photo)

Dark Dahlia, Burnt Romance, Night Glimmer, Blue Rapture, Tinted Love and Steel Gaze


The above photo is the Shellac shades directly from the bottle in two coats and the Shellac Top Coat.

The Additives are very versatile, creating hundreds of new looks, fades and other unique designs.  The photo below is the Additives over Cityscape & Faux Fur (I show them full in my video)

I love offering my clients the maximum amount of options.  I have been to nail technicians and heard of stories in the past of clients arriving and being disappointed with the lack of choice, almost to the point where as it's literally like 'oh that one will do.'  That's not good enough for me so I will spend as many hours as needed doing colour pops and putting together my fans of all the available colours.

What's your favourite Shellac shade?

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  1. I absolutely ADORE your video swatches. Love how you do comparisons with the colors.


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