Monday, 30 September 2013

NOTD: Shellac Brilliant Blues & Mystic Purples

Do you like the name of this blog post?  I just came up with it in about three seconds but I thought it was the perfect name.  I was after something a little different so I choose the blue and then picked purple tones to compliment it.


So let me run through the colours on each finger.

Thumb - Shellac Blue Rapture with Violet Pearl & Shimmering Silver Additives.
Index finger - Lilac Longing and Silver VIP Status
Middle finger - Blue Rapture
Ring finger - Silver Chrome with Silver Starburst Foil
Little finger - Rock Royalty

I love the mix of shimmers, glitters and cream colours, definitely an eye catcher!

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Work: Shellac Autumn Themed Nails

So today's post is about yesterday's nails that I did.  After enjoying her Dr Who nails, Ali said to me that she wanted an autumn design like leaves and autumn colours.  She searched online and provided me with a few photos for inspiration.  We combined those and I came up with these nails using Shellac & CND Additives although this look can definitely be achieved with regular polish.  

I'm delighted with how they turned out but more importantly, so is Ali.

I do think that this is a brilliant look for Halloween nails with the orange and the black... You could incorporate witches, moons, wonky old headstones or anything else you wish to create.

Below is my video tutorial on this design along with everything you'll need to recreate it, hope you like !!

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil

As always my blog remains extremely honest, whether it makes me look like a cheap skate (I wonder if that's a "Liverpool" term?!) or not I will always tell you my true thoughts.

I have somewhat of an obsession with oils, body oils mainly but I  wanted to explore a little bit more of the Jo Malone range so I purchased her Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil.  


Honestly, I feel a bit silly saying this but I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it in terms of how much to put in the bath, etc.  In the end I poured in enough to bring the liquid down to just above the label (remember this is a 30ml bottle!)

Everything about this product is true, utter luxury in it's highest form.  From the sleek, glass bottle to the aroma it gave my bathroom, it truly was a treat to use. 

Normally if I use a bath bomb or something I will add a drop of bubble bath as I do enjoy the bubbles but to give a true review I used it alone.  I was actually really surprised that I did get a few bubbles in my bath as I didn't expect it from an oil.  When I got out my skin felt silky and it was a really enjoyable experience.


The bottom line is.... I do love using this bath oil.  This is definitely a 'treat bath' due to the price but then to put it into another way of thinking, this bottle cost me £16 and I think I could get 6 baths out of it.  Working that out it's £2.66 per bath and a Lush Bath Bomb is between £2.95 and £3.25.  

I will save this for when I really want to have a more indulgent bath but I would consider purchasing another one in time.  My only issue is that it's such a shame that not all of her fragrances are available in a bath oil.

Friday, 27 September 2013

NOTD: Nails Inc Gel - St James and OPI - When Monkeys Fly

It's funny when someone raves about something so much that you make the decision that you'll move heaven and earth to get it too (within reason and perhaps that's a little dramatic.) 


Dani (Life In Polish on You Tube) raved about OPI's When Monkeys Fly from Oz: The Great and Powerful collection.  She said 'you have to get it' so I did as I was told and ordered it online last week. 

This polish is a big of large high-shine gold hexagons along with small but absolutely stunning holographic silver hexagons.  I applied this polish over Nails Inc St James which I recently reviewed.

I really adore this polish.  Typically I'm more of a silver fan over gold but I love the mix of the two.  This is definitely a polish you need to check out as the collection has been and gone now.  What are you waiting for?!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shellac New Intimates Collection, Christmas 2013 Collection & Limited Edition Additives

Today's post is about to all about the new Shellac collections launched a few days ago.  Both the Intimates Collection and the Christmas 2013 Collection were launched together although it is only the Intimates colours that are permanent shades into the range.

I do have a video linked at the end of this blog post which compares similar colours from the existing Shellac line.

Photographed below is the four Intimates Collection shades.  From left to right is Bare Chemise, Blush Teddy, Nude Knickers and Satin Pajamas.  

All are a cream formula apart from Blush Teddy which has a slight blue toned shimmer, almost like Cake Pop with Negligee layered on top of it.


Below is the four limited edition Christmas 2013 Collection Shellac shades.   From left to right is Ice Vapour, Frosted Glen, Scarlet Letter and Serene Green. 

Also there is four limited edition Additives photographed below.  There are so much that you can do with them but I featured them over Black Pool to give you a true idea of the shade.  From left to right is Icicles, Gilded Gold, Blush Bronze Frost and Silver Frost.

Icicles reminds me of a white/silver equivalent of Spectrum Shimmer from their permanent collection and Silver Frost is very similar to Titanium Pearl which is again a permanent additive (I do show a comparison of this in my video.)


I hope you have found this post useful, for those of you adding to your existing collection I do think there are a few shades that are alike.

Thanks for reading and I'll leave you with my comparison video!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

I received this Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash in the Carmine beauty box (RIP!) and was immediately excited.  I had already tried a few of their other products out and loved them.  

Funny story, I kept this unused for a little while as I figured I had enough body lotions to get through - yes this is a wash but for some reason I assumed it was a lotion despite the crystal clear, good old fashioned words on the packaging.  I even brought it out recently to show the brand to a friend, we both put some on our arms and rubbed it in.  She didn't say anything and I did notice it didn't sink it properly but then I forgot about it.  It was only when I got it out again a week or so later and applied it to my arm again that I realised it was seemed to be lather up that I finally looked at the label, what an utter wally.

On to the review... the look and feel of this body wash is like a creamy body lotion.  I tell myself that this is the reason for my beauty blunder.  The scent is delicious but difficult to describe, I want to say it has a certain tang to it similar to ginger but I fear that if you smell it and don't agree, you'll wonder what I'm talking about but that's what it seems like to me. 

The bottom line is... this body wash is truly a delight to use.  The aroma in the shower is wonderful, a little goes along way and it's also perfect for shaving your legs with.  I'd definitely be keen to try their other 5 scents in the range too.  This body wash is definitely one to try out!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hairdressing Level 2: Day 1 - Shampooing and Blow Drying Techniques

So if you don't already follow me on Twitter... why not?!  Just kidding, but you won't know that yesterday I started my hairdressing course that I've wanted to do for years.  

Probably around ten years ago one of my friends did a hairdressing course and showed me how to cut layers in my hair, from then on I was always adding them.  I then used to cut my mum's hair and my husband's and I really enjoyed it.  When it came to doing my first course it was a toss up between nails and hairdressing but although I decided that nails was the most important to me I always knew that I would want to do hairdressing at a later stage.  

Throughout this course I'm hoping to do little updates from time to time to let you know what I've learnt and any tips that may help / interest you.

So last night I was a little apprehensive as this is the first course since nail technology that I was starting without knowing anyone.  I'm relieved to say that all of the women seem really nice so far.  The tutor is also very kind and helpful (my previous two have treated our adult class like teenagers, laying down the law when after all this is a paid course and we are all there by our own free will.) 

I took the photo below purposely for the blog post as it humoured me looking at all of the mannequin heads in the corner.

After the initial ice breakers (oh how I despise them but they do work,) all the paperwork hand outs and a tour of the rooms, the tutor then got straight to work showing us the scalp massage for shampooing.  I made a lot of notes, actually I was the only one writing anything down but it helps it to sink in for me and I like to refer back to things.  Next she showed us how to blow dry and this was pretty straight forward, it just requires practise.  

After the demonstration there was just enough time for us to wet the mannequin heads and have a go at blow drying.  Now as we don't have our college kits yet we just had to use the brushes that the college have which were very limited to say the least.  I'm going to show you a photo my mannequin head that I took on the sly (people would be wondering why!) but please bear in mind that some of it was done without a nozzle on my hairdryer as I clearly picked the wrong seat!

Let me tell you doing that really worked up a sweat - not gonna lie - and the mannequin's hair was absolutely terrible, she definitely needed a trim!  The heat from the hairdryer is something I'm definitely going to have to get used to as well!!  At one point there was a comedy moment when the nozzle fell off and I picked up, realised it was hot and threw it from one hand to the other like a hot potato until I got back to my station.  

I had a lovely evening and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I suspected I would enjoy this course straight away as it's a whole new skill to learn and we've gotten straight into it but I really can't wait for the next lesson which is tomorrow.

I wanted to include things I've learnt so far, they might be random to you, they're based on a greasy hair type but they may also be useful.

If you have a greasy hair type (you can wash in the morning and it's greasy by the evening) you can help this by not washing your hair in hot water.  Hot water stimulates the sebaceous gland which secretes oils called sebum.  Over massaging of the scalp also stimulates it so it's best to make shampooing a quick process.

If you wash your hair and the shampoo doesn't lather that's because it's very greasy/has product build up.  The best thing to do is rinse away, reapply the shampoo and you should see it lather more and make sure it's thoroughly cleansed.

There was so much more but that's all I can think of off hand.  I'm hoping to update you as and when I have something to say about the course so I really hope you enjoyed reading them!

Monday, 23 September 2013

NOTD: Seche Nail Laquer In Snapdragon

Today's review is a nail of the day too all rolled into one.  I received the Seche Nail Laquer in 'Snapdragon' as part of the #midsummermeet goody bag and knew straight away it was exactly my shade. 

It takes me back to one of my first polishes I bought when I really got into nails which was Jessica 'Hi Res Raspberry.'  Both are a stunning cream hot pink shade.   

The above photo is two coats of the polish on my nails and no top coat.  The shine is incredible.  You do need to ensure the first coat has properly dried before applying the second coat.

The brush is the traditional width which I actually really like.  Although some companies like OPI have larger brushes that can do your nails in a few strokes, I enjoy using the thinner brushed polishes for getting a more precise application on smaller nails, you just have far more control.


The above photo is my nails with Orly's Glossier Top Coat added.  I always love the look of cream polishes.  I feel like they show off your nail shape more whether you have long or short nails.

The bottom line is... This polish is truly great quality.  It's the first coloured Seche polish I've tried although I do use the Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat on my clients.  I think this is a brilliant brand to try out and I adore the brush.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Origins Ginger Hand Lotion

Whilst in Boots a couple of months ago I wandered over to the Origins stand with the person I was with.  She pointed out the Origins Ginger Hand Lotion & their matching Hand Cleanser and encouraged me to smell it as "it smells like cola cubes."  Now I agreed with this statement, as she went on to how much she loved it... it sits on her bedside chest... blah blah blah until I noticed the price.  I quickly put the bottle down, I'm not going to lie to you!  I just couldn't justify paying £32 for a hand soap and lotion, no matter how amazing is smelt.

As I wandered around the display stand further my love for trying out new products and my passion for amazing sniffs took over so I picked the lotion up only.  

Once I was home safely with my new purchase, I sat it on my little side table near "my" sofa which meant that I kept pumping a little bit into my hands every half an hour or so.  The scent is absolutely divine and the lotion sinks into your skin pretty quickly too without leaving them feeling sticky.

The fragrance is really alluring in this product, it just makes you want to use it more and more (clever people at Origins!) The truth is I'm not absolute convinced that it really offers enough moisture like I'm looking for.  It definitely offers some but as this is the main purpose, I don't feel like it would help the more severe dry hands.  

The snob in me says it would look wonderful in a guest bathroom for occasional use though!  I actually don't know why I just said that but I think it's true so it's staying on the blog post.  

The bottom line is... I would probably not rush out to buy another the moment it runs out although as much as I want to resist it, the scent makes me happy so the chances are I will repurchase it in the future! 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while you'll know that I have already posted reviews of MAC's Painterly and Bare Study Paint Pots.  If you'll like to see them you can just click the 'MAC' word on my labels and have a peek. 

I bought MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood when I went on my MAC spree a while ago.  It's a stunning gold/bronze cream shadow that's perfect as a primer for a warmer tone metallic eye look.


I generally wear this Paint Pot in the winter months as although I wear whatever I fancy on any given day (I tell myself a beauty therapist can get away with it even at 9am!) I usually reserve the more gold shadows for closer to Christmas.  Any shadow applied on top of it shows a lot more than without it and helps you get a true to color look.  I also find that although I have oily eyelids it really doesn't crease on me and keeps the shadow in place.


The bottom line is... there really isn't much to say to this one, if you've read my other Paint Pot reviews you'll know that Painterly is my 'go-to' shade for everyday, if I want a more dramatic eye I will go for Indianwood.  If you were in a hurry you could just throw this over your lids and you'd be ready to go.  If you're in the market for a gold base then this is definitely a great option!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Rituals Creamy Foam Cleanser

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while you'll know that these last few months I've been really focused on good skincare.  I wrote a post on the 5th July 2013 with some links to good videos and sources if you'd like to take a peek.  

Keen to explore the Ritual brand further I ordered the Rituals Creamy Foam Cleanser when my previous cleanser was running out. Now I have since heard Caroline Hirons say that the foaming properties in cleansers can dry your skin out but I have not had an issue with this product at all.


I think that this is possibly the first foam cleanser I've tried so I can't compare to any others but it wasn't the 'foam' that I expected, in fact I don't think I'd have know it was foam apart from the packaging.  The scent of it is subtle but really fresh and my skin was left feeling clean and smooth.

The bottom line is... I'm really enjoying use it.  The 30ml size I bought from the Rituals website but you can buy the larger size from that have free delivery on everything.  This is definitely one to try out!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

NOTD: Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in St James

If I could only wear one colour on my nails for the rest of my life it would be red.  Ooooo that's a scary thought isn't it?

I received the Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in 'St James' in my goody bag from #midsummermeet event and it's the perfect postbox red shade.

The bottle itself seems to have two different ways of using it.  You can twist the cap and use as a regular polish or you can pull the large cap off to reveal a small black cap which some people like myself will find easier to hold.  That's one of my peeves with polishes from certain brands, the cap is often chunky to hold onto whilst trying to apply your polish. 

The brush is more like the traditional nail polish brush.  OPI and other brands have a wide polish which is great for larger nail beds but if you have smaller ones then the more traditional brush is going to be so much easier for you.


The colour of this polish is so unusual, if the light is not shining directly on the bottle you'd say it was a cream polish.  However with the light shining on it you can see lots of fine shimmer running through it but when you apply it onto the nail it's completely cream with no hint of shimmer.


The above photo is my nails with two coats of polish and without a top coat.  I wanted to show you what it was like without one as this is meant to be a 'gel effect.'  I really think it's comparable to CND Shellac in Wildfire.  

The only point I'm not sure of is the claims of a 'plumping effect' as I really can't see what they're referring to with that.

The bottom like is... If you're a Nails Inc fan you had better try out this classic shade.  I love the dual purpose cap which will appeal to everyone and I think the shape of the bottle is very clean and a little bit different to most brands. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash

What I'm about to tell you regarding brand perception probably isn't going to make sense to you, but please bear with me.  I remember hearing about Sanctuary products years ago in my teens and putting it down to being a brand I can't afford.  Now, for some reason I also somehow figured that as I'd only ever seen it in Boots, it was a Boots own brand, like Seventeen and No7 . 

As this is what I thought, whenever I wanted a new body product I steered clear of anything by Sanctuary because I just figured 'Boots is trying to be posh with a bit of fancy packaging to stick a higher price tag on products.'  My husband bought me a Sanctuary gift set last Christmas, I love gift sets but I must admit it sat unloved for quite some time as I lacked enthusiasm for that reason. 

A conversation with bezzie changed my thoughts instantly when she pointed out that Sanctuary wasn't a Boot's own brand and was actually a chain of spas.  With excitement I dragged out the gift set and started using their Body Wash.  Now I think that it's so interesting how you can be drawn and put off brands.  I knew there was nothing against this one but I'd just mentally labelled them the over priced version of something else.

Sanctuary describe this product as:

"Sanctuary Body Wash is an aromatic body wash infused with essential oils and spices to gently cleanse and condition, whilst moisturising capsules of sesame oil and jojoba burst on the skin to help leave it feeling soft, silky smooth and subtly scented."

The scent is gorgeous, it's completely spa-like and I'd say it's definitely unisex which randomly I always think of as 'good for holidays' as you and your other half can always just take one shower gel with you.

The bottom line is.. this body wash is utter luxury.  I feel completely ridiculous for not testing the brand out earlier, I just honestly thought it was just an extension of their Natural Collection but repackaged a little bit fancier.  Now my thoughts are transformed I'm utterly excited to continue trying out the brand.

As for this body wash, I urge you to try it, I think you're going to like it!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Last Call

If you said to me "pick a colour for September?" I'd pick purple.  Okay at the start of September it's generally still bright and sunny but as we reach the end and it's really started cooling down, the brighter clothes go away and as we head towards October it's the colour I start wearing again.   

I've had this Urban Decay's Last Call eyeshadow for a long time, I know the packaging has since changed but thankfully you can still buy the colour because it's gorgeous. 


The colour is somewhere between a purple and a cranberry.  When I first bought it it was before I had any clue what to do with eyeshadow full stop.  This colour I generally wear in my crease and blend it out with a lighter lilac shade or a champagne sort of colour. 

I love wearing purple tones as I feel like you can wear them with a light hand and although it's colour but it's a safe option (as opposed to greens and blues, etc)  I have hazel eyes and I find that when I wear this shadow it really enhances the colour into almost a chocolate brown.  I also think that this shadow is brilliant at blending the edges of a darker shadow like a black or grey.


The bottom line is.. I absolutely adore this shadow.  I won't be without it as long as Urban Decay produce it.  As with all of their shadows it's incredible pigmented and goes on beautifully smooth and evenly.  If this is a colour you'd wear you DEFINITELY need to give it a go.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Caudalie Grape Water

I write this review with my tail between my legs (not literally!) If you've read my Caudalie Beauty Elixir review then you'll know I was on the fence about whether I loved it or not at that time.  

Well in the midst of making my decision I saw a blog or You Tube video on the Caudalie Grape Water and when I looked it up it seemed like it was a facial spray that 'soothes and moisturises' which vaguely sounded like the Beauty Elixir but it was a much larger sized bottle for the same price as the small Elixir.  Now I realise this logic doesn't quite make sense but at that time I just thought the Beauty Elixir was a refreshing spray with a nice smell. 

As soon as the bottle arrived I realised that I'd made a mistake.  The differences between the two were immediately apparent.  Firstly the Grape Water is pressurised mist where as the Beauty Elixir is in a regular bottle with a spray.  When you spray the Beauty Elixir you have a wave of herbs and mint wash over you where at the Grape Water is virtually fragrance free.  Even the consistency of the Grape Water is literally water where as the Beauty Elixir is a slightly thicker. 

The bottom line is... Caudalie Beauty Elixir is literally a water spray that you could just use to cool down with or perhaps as a toner.  I honestly don't think it offers much in terms of hydration but that might just be my skin.  I would keep this in my car or on my dressing table for a quick refresh but that's pretty much it as it's a massive 200ml bottle!  

I have since repurchased the large sized Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Sunday, 15 September 2013

My Firsts Tag

I thought it would be fun to turn some of You Tube's tag videos into posts so that you can get to know me.  I feel like when you know someone a bit better it helps to understand their blog and what they're all about.  I have no idea what all of my answers will say about me but hopefully you'll enjoy reading!

First tweet?
"I love the way this says 'whats happening?' I have no idea - you tell me ! I don't understand Twitter!"  Tweeted on 9th June 2010.

First YouTube video?
It was my Stars & Stripes Nail Tutorial.  I love that I have all of my original videos still on there.  This is way before I considered a course and shows how far I've come.

First person you subscribed to on YouTube?
Lauren Luke (Panacea81)

First Facebook profile pic?

It was a photo of my cat, Puddy!

Do you still talk to your FIRST love?

What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
I think it was wine or something.  When I was little mum had this tiny glass that I used to get a drop of to join in at Christmas.  Thinking about it now I'm not even sure it was legitimate wine!

What was your FIRST job?
I did a modern apprenticeship were as I worked as a travel agents for four days a week.

 What was your FIRST car?

It was a 'Miami Blue' Peugeot 106 that I called Peppermint.
Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
It was bezzie talking about all of the important stuff in life, sausage sandwiches.

Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Myself and how comfy I was as I was being woken up by my husband so that I could drive him to work as his car is in the garage today.

Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
No idea.  My mum would know but the moment has gone hasn't it?!

Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
We used to go to Florida every other year so my plane ride was there when I was 4 years old.

Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
That would be my cousin Laura.  She's only 6 weeks older than me and our mums would take it in turns to pick us up from nursery etc so we were always together.  We don't really speak that much now. 

I didn't have an easily accessible photo of both of us so I've thrown in one of me.

Where was your FIRST sleep over?
It would have been at Laura's house.

What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Probably whinged and moaned at having to get up early and drive.

What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
Ha! I've never been to a concert as in going to watch a band or whatever.  It's not my thing.  I'd prefer to go and watch a comedian or something.  I've met Jimmy Carr a few times.

FIRST broken bone?
** touching wood ** I've survived 28 years within a broken bone.

FIRST piercing?
I've only ever had my ears pierced and even then I was 16.

FIRST foreign country you've gone to?
Ahhh I said this earlier - Florida.

FIRST movie you remember seeing?
I feel like I remember Micheal Jackson's short film Thriller at the cinema but to be honest I might have just made that up!

When was your FIRST detention?
I can't remember a specific detention but our biology teacher used to have phases of keeping our whole year behind.

Who was your FIRST roommate?
Woaaah weird but I suppose it would have been my husband?! I didn't do university or anything.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
I'd wish for three more wishes....!

What was the first sport you were involved in?
Errrr... errrr... I literally have no idea.  I'll go with running as I'm sure I did alot of that as a child.

What is the first thing you do when you get home?
I take my top off, pants off and get into comfy clothes - did you think I was going to say that?  I just did!

When was your first kiss?
I think I was 12 at a school disco, one of those typical moments with everyone around you.  He was about 8 foot, ok that was a little over the top but just picture a ladder with a head at the top of it.

So that's all from today's tag post.  I really hope you enjoyed it as I have more planning for every now and again so please be sure to check them out.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Work: Shellac Nail Art: Dr Who

Today's post is all about the Dr Who themed nails I did last night.  Ali was after themed nails as it's one of her boyfriend's favourite programmes, for a surprise for their 6th anniversary today (congratulations you lot!)

So I'll go through what I used just in case anyone wants to recreate it.  Ali admits that some of her nails are a little short so options were more limited on certain nails.  Galaxy nails were not only perfect for the theme but also it meant we could pick the best nails for the hand painted designs. 


So for the Dalek nails I used Iced Cappuccino as the base colour, Sugared Spice for the dots and black polish for the stripes and dot.

The jacket and bow tie nails were created with a Cream Puff base, Cocoa for the jacket itself.  Again I used black polish for the outlines and Wildfire for the bow tie.


For the galaxy nails I used Midnight Swim for the base.  I then used a mixed for the two limited additives in 'Shimmering Silver' and 'Winter Blue' along with three colours from the permanent line in 'Antique Bronze, Green Gold Sparkle & Pink Gold Sparkle.'  If you wanted to look of more stars you could apply a layer of Gold VIP Status over the Midnight Swim before you apply the additives.


Finally I used Midnight Swim on both thumbs and with my ultra fine nail art brush I painted the Dr Who logo with Silver Chrome.

I really enjoyed doing these nails and hopefully Ali's boyfriend will like the gesture as he had previously given hints about her doing something like that herself.  

Within the hour she was messaging me cooking up ideas for the next time she wants themed nails!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Bioderma Sebium H20 Micelle Solution

I thought I'd throw my thoughts in on the mighty Bioderma which I feel has led the way of micellar waters.  I bought this bottle last October whilst in Canada as it had just been launched there.  

I went to buy the typical Sensibio H20 version with the red cap until the assistant asked me my skin type.  I told her I had oily / combination skin so she pointed me towards the Sebium H20 which is specifically for my requirements. This in itself makes me laugh because it shows you how much you're brainwashed with products.  I didn't even look at the bottle properly and I think that this is why I generally only see You Tubers and Bloggers with the red capped bottle because we've all gone for the recognised packaging alone.


I do take my make up off with a make up wipe to make it easier to cleanse.  This solution does do a great job dissolving my make up and seems to be extremely gentle. 

The bottom line is... although it works and there's no question about it, now there are other lower priced micellar like the L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, there really isn't any need to purchase this high priced version specifically and for that reason I won't be repurchasing it.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

MAC Blush in Well Dressed

MAC blush in 'Well Dressed' was the first MAC blush I ever bought.  I bought it solely because of the hype on You Tube, ordered it online so had no idea what it looked like 'in real life.'

Now let me first draw your attention to the fact that as soon as I took the refill pan out of it's little wallet I dropped it on the floor.  Yes I was rather annoyed when I picked it up again with the newly added attractive flat side.  This story reminds me of the two blushes I got from their Wonder Woman collection, my husband knocked the cabinet they were on whilst hoovering and shattered one.  I still have both of them, I'd had them a matter of days but typically the one I preferred was the one in pieces.  


Anyway, Well Dressed is described as a satin finish.  It is a extremely light blue toned pink shade and very subtle. 

The bottom line is... To be perfectly honest I don't see what all the rave is about with it.  It's pretty but it's subtle, but the main thing for me is that it could completely be dupilicated.  I just don't see the unique quality that others see with this one. Once this eventually runs out I wouldn't purchase another.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GlossyBox September 2013

So yesterday I received the September edition of GlossyBox.  To be honest when I got the usual email to say that I'd had a payment taken from my account for the box I didn't find myself getting excited.

I've been subscribed to GlossyBox from their second box and ever since.  BirchBox I've also been subscribed to from the start and stuck with them with every different brand name... Boudoir Prive, JolieBox and now BirchBox.  I was also subscribed to She Said Beauty, Carmine and Feel Unique when they were around.

I suppose it's inevitable that occasionally there is a double up on brands if your subscribed to more than one box but the amount of times GlossyBox and Birchbox had the same brand in the same months box was ridiculous.  If it wasn't the exact same month sometimes the same brand  would magically appear in the following months box (even sometimes the same beauty box company!) or the other one.  I'm convinced I've tried out the entire company catalogue from Balance Me, Murad, Dead Sea Spa, Jelly Pong Pong... so frustrating.

Anyway - that aside this months box is was really fun packaging.  One of the items is priced in dollars though despite it being a 'London Box.'  I've made a video with a full review of the box for you and a demonstration where possible for you to watch.

Enjoy !!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NOTD: Shellac Dark Lava

Do you ever get like me where there's a colour that's been taunting you? "Pick me! I'm amazing! You'll love me!"  Shellac in 'Dark Lava' has been sat on my wall rack whispering sweet nothings to me as I work.  It's an amazing extremely dark red, almost burgundy, kind of plum shade.  I have no idea why but I swear this is the shiniest Shellac colours, perhaps it's the slight shimmer it has or the combination of shimmer against a dark background. 

I held off for a while as the sun was still shining and it's very dark but when it was time to redo my toes I caved in and used it.  I've enjoyed it that much in this past week that when it was time to switch my fingernails I decided to put it on those too!!

Whilst I was in my summerhouse doing my nails I had my cats outside.  I don't generally let them in but it was cold so Poppy came in for a look around.  She's actually looking up at my Shellac wall rack there so I tell myself that she was picking a colour. 


I'm going to the US next month so I will have to decide on which colour to apply to my nails, I have a feeling I will need to fight all urges to put this one back on again!!  

Side note: It will be business as usual on here though, I have each post scheduled ahead for 9am every morning as always because that's just how I roll.

Monday, 9 September 2013

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution

Today's post is about my surprisingly recent obsession with micellar waters.  I hate following a hype and even worse when a product seems to be raved about undeservedly (Maybelline Baby Lips - just saying) but I was keen to see what all the fuss was about with micellar waters.  

A while ago La Roche-Posay was part of the 3 for 2 offers in Boots so I took this opportunity to buy their Physiological Micellar Solution.  I use it with the Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads which as cotton pads go, they're really soft and large to get all of your face with ease. 


This solution has a subtle scent, sweet and refreshing.  It's gentle and cleanses my skin whilst removing all traces of my make up.  As with all my make up removal methods I've tried, I always use a make up wipe first to take off the bulk of it and then use a proper remover like this one.  I find that this definitely works at dissolving it thoroughly and is equal to a few other similar products that I shall be reviewing at a later date.

The bottom line is... I really enjoy this micellar water.  There are cheaper alternatives to it like the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution but this one does have a really lovely scent.  If Boots had a 3 for 2 offer again I would definitely consider purchasing a new bottle when this is gone, definitely one to try out !

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Massive Empties Video

I finally got around to doing my empties video.  I have had a Really Useful Box in my make up room for ages and I've been throwing more empties in as I go.  I have to be honest the box was pretty big and it's only forced me to do it when I physically couldn't balance any more stuff in it which is utterly ridiculous. 

After having a complete nightmare filming my video as there were so many to get through, I ended up having to scrap my fancy editted version of the video and go 'au natural' with me holding the camera whilst I spoke.

Either way I tried my best to make this clear whilst fitting into 15 minutes - enjoy!! If you need any more thoughts on a product, let me know!