Thursday, 12 September 2013

MAC Blush in Well Dressed

MAC blush in 'Well Dressed' was the first MAC blush I ever bought.  I bought it solely because of the hype on You Tube, ordered it online so had no idea what it looked like 'in real life.'

Now let me first draw your attention to the fact that as soon as I took the refill pan out of it's little wallet I dropped it on the floor.  Yes I was rather annoyed when I picked it up again with the newly added attractive flat side.  This story reminds me of the two blushes I got from their Wonder Woman collection, my husband knocked the cabinet they were on whilst hoovering and shattered one.  I still have both of them, I'd had them a matter of days but typically the one I preferred was the one in pieces.  


Anyway, Well Dressed is described as a satin finish.  It is a extremely light blue toned pink shade and very subtle. 

The bottom line is... To be perfectly honest I don't see what all the rave is about with it.  It's pretty but it's subtle, but the main thing for me is that it could completely be dupilicated.  I just don't see the unique quality that others see with this one. Once this eventually runs out I wouldn't purchase another.


  1. I remember seeing all the hype about this one. I went to the Mac store and swatched it and thought it was just ok, like £6 ok, not £15 must have. I ended up getting Pinch o Peach which is a light but warmer pink.

  2. I have not tried it myself. but I know that it is difficult to find the perfect blue toned pink blush for yellow toned skin like mine. I use dior one and it took me years to find one like that. maybe that is why people like this shade, but that is just a guess though.


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