Monday, 23 September 2013

NOTD: Seche Nail Laquer In Snapdragon

Today's review is a nail of the day too all rolled into one.  I received the Seche Nail Laquer in 'Snapdragon' as part of the #midsummermeet goody bag and knew straight away it was exactly my shade. 

It takes me back to one of my first polishes I bought when I really got into nails which was Jessica 'Hi Res Raspberry.'  Both are a stunning cream hot pink shade.   

The above photo is two coats of the polish on my nails and no top coat.  The shine is incredible.  You do need to ensure the first coat has properly dried before applying the second coat.

The brush is the traditional width which I actually really like.  Although some companies like OPI have larger brushes that can do your nails in a few strokes, I enjoy using the thinner brushed polishes for getting a more precise application on smaller nails, you just have far more control.


The above photo is my nails with Orly's Glossier Top Coat added.  I always love the look of cream polishes.  I feel like they show off your nail shape more whether you have long or short nails.

The bottom line is... This polish is truly great quality.  It's the first coloured Seche polish I've tried although I do use the Seche Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat on my clients.  I think this is a brilliant brand to try out and I adore the brush.


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