Monday, 30 September 2013

NOTD: Shellac Brilliant Blues & Mystic Purples

Do you like the name of this blog post?  I just came up with it in about three seconds but I thought it was the perfect name.  I was after something a little different so I choose the blue and then picked purple tones to compliment it.


So let me run through the colours on each finger.

Thumb - Shellac Blue Rapture with Violet Pearl & Shimmering Silver Additives.
Index finger - Lilac Longing and Silver VIP Status
Middle finger - Blue Rapture
Ring finger - Silver Chrome with Silver Starburst Foil
Little finger - Rock Royalty

I love the mix of shimmers, glitters and cream colours, definitely an eye catcher!

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  1. Blue Rapture and Rock Royalty have *really* caught my eye - they are stunning. I have never had Shellac nails done before (there isn't anywhere where I live that does them) so I think that has probably swayed my choices. I have found ordinary nail varnishes with glitter on them a total pain in the behind to get off so have been rocking really deep jewel shades with a high gloss topcoat instead for quite a while now.

    I hope to be back home in Liverpool early next year so I might (for that read I will DEFINITELY) be booking myself in to get my nails done. Can you recommend anywhere near the City centre or between there and Walton Neurological Hospital? Sorry for putting you on the spot like that but I would be going in blind otherwise!

    Really love the other colours too, but the high shine jewel colours will always win out for me!

    Fi x

  2. They look gorgeous as always! Love them!


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