Sunday, 22 September 2013

Origins Ginger Hand Lotion

Whilst in Boots a couple of months ago I wandered over to the Origins stand with the person I was with.  She pointed out the Origins Ginger Hand Lotion & their matching Hand Cleanser and encouraged me to smell it as "it smells like cola cubes."  Now I agreed with this statement, as she went on to how much she loved it... it sits on her bedside chest... blah blah blah until I noticed the price.  I quickly put the bottle down, I'm not going to lie to you!  I just couldn't justify paying £32 for a hand soap and lotion, no matter how amazing is smelt.

As I wandered around the display stand further my love for trying out new products and my passion for amazing sniffs took over so I picked the lotion up only.  

Once I was home safely with my new purchase, I sat it on my little side table near "my" sofa which meant that I kept pumping a little bit into my hands every half an hour or so.  The scent is absolutely divine and the lotion sinks into your skin pretty quickly too without leaving them feeling sticky.

The fragrance is really alluring in this product, it just makes you want to use it more and more (clever people at Origins!) The truth is I'm not absolute convinced that it really offers enough moisture like I'm looking for.  It definitely offers some but as this is the main purpose, I don't feel like it would help the more severe dry hands.  

The snob in me says it would look wonderful in a guest bathroom for occasional use though!  I actually don't know why I just said that but I think it's true so it's staying on the blog post.  

The bottom line is... I would probably not rush out to buy another the moment it runs out although as much as I want to resist it, the scent makes me happy so the chances are I will repurchase it in the future! 

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  1. You're going to have to buy a square of that fake grass to use for your photos when the murky weather starts :)


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