Friday, 25 October 2013

Dr Renaud BB Creme Apricot BB Cream

So today's review is of the Dr Renaud BB Creme Apricot BB Cream which I purchased from Beauty UK a few months ago.  It's available in two shades, 'natural' which was the colour I went for and 'golden.' 


As you would expect the scent of this cream is amazing, a gorgeous apricot, fresh and clean fragrance.  Dr Renaud claims that this powerful cream has 7 actions in 1; unifying, hydrating, radiance booster, plumping, smoothing, mattifying and protecting

It feels light weight on your skin making it perfect for holidays.  I also feel like it does give a slight brightening effect too however I would say the coverage is really light.


The bottom line is... I wouldn't buy this cream again.  My skin is generally pretty clear but I do have a few scars from spots years ago and it doesn't really cover those.  I see this BB cream as a step up to wearing nothing and perhaps long term it will offer skincare benefits but it's too light coverage for me who likes a light coverage!

I now wear this as a base with a little bit of foundation on the areas needed.

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