Tuesday, 8 October 2013

NOTD: Shellac layering with glitter

So today's post is about my quick nails for this week as I go on holiday next Monday so I'll be redoing them the end of the week for that.  

The colours I used are Shellac Black Pool with Negligee over it.  Then I used some white AB glitter to apply to the top of the nail and then with a small fan brush I pulled the glitter down, finishing with a top coat.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  They definitely look better in 'real life.'

For those who were wondering, I'm off to do a drive around New England visiting Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine and then fly over to Chicago.  This blog will be updated daily like usual.  I have blog posts scheduled everyday but I may change some of these for posts on where I am or things I've been buying as I go.  If you have any US beauty product recommendations please let me know - I have a list on Pinterest (search for "liverpoollashes") but I can never enough things to buy and try out!  Also if you'd like to follow my adventures on Instagram, again just search for liverpoollashes. 

Please come and "like" my Facebook page.  It's a little community that I set up with lots of nail techs and therapists on there sharing ideas.  You can message me directly on there too.

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