Saturday, 19 October 2013

Origins Modern Friction

Leanne from OCD Blog kindly sent me a surprise parcel in the post containing some amazing goodies including Origins Modern Friction.  It's like she read my mind, this product was on my 'to buy' list and it was pretty close to the top.

Modern Friction has won awards for the best exfoliator and this comes as no surprise to me.  The directions says to apply in circular motions to dry skin, then splash a little water one until it lathers up and rinse off.  I feel like applying to dry skin means it really exfoliates well and I don't have too much trouble removing it (a bug bearer of mine.)


The scent is hard for me to describe, possibly lemon with a hint of something else like sage.   

The only thing I can fault with this exfoliator is that every single time I've removed it, no matter how careful I am I always managed to get that feeling of soap in my eye and have to do a couple of blinks.  I now use it in the shower and even keep my eyes shut for a really long time whilst rinsing it away and I still get that feeling but it doesn't last long.

The bottom line is... would I purchase it?  I already have!! This one Leanne has sent me is being saved for my holiday so I ordered the full size with no hesitation.  Clearly the issue with my eyes isn't that big a problem, I just thought it was worth mentioning!  This is definitely worth trying out.


  1. I love Origins as a brand but have never tried an exfoliant from them. Great review, nice to see somebody talk about both the positives and the negatives :)

    Nicola |

  2. Ooooh thank you for the shout out! I'm famous :-) I'm so glad that you like it and I'm exactly the same, I always end up getting it in my eye!! That will teach us to to be a bit slap dash


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