Thursday, 31 October 2013

Philosophy Lime Shower Gel

The thing you have to know about me is that I have a lime obsession.  I'm the girl that volunteers to take the lime Starburst off your hands, it's amazing the amount of people who don't like lime sweets! 

Last Christmas I was obsessed with trying out the Philosophy brand after seeing numerous You Tubers hold up various shower gels claiming that they're amazing, I spoke about them non stop to husband and bezzie.  Christmas Day came around and I discovered I had two bottles of the Luscious Lime version, one from each of them.   

Now I feel like I have to tread carefully as they were a present and both my husband and bezzie's eyeballs visit this blog but... although it smells nice it's not a life changing product.  

The fragrance is zingy, refreshing and very much of lime but this product just doesn't wow me.  Now I feel like I'm being a little difficult, I can almost hear you ask "well what exactly did you want in a shower gel Karen?!" The answer is I don't know but I suppose what I mean is that I don't think it's worth absolutely raving about.

At £16 a bottle I think it's pretty overpriced for a shower gel.  Now in it's defense it is a big bottle compared it's regular sized competitors in the supermarket.  The only reason they get away with it is because of the brand name is my true thoughts.

The bottom line is... I just think that this product could easily be a supermarket own brand if I hadn't have read the label. I honestly don't think I can tell the difference.  After Christmas, Boots had the Philosophy Christmas edition shower gels half price, so as these are more unusual scents like Candy Cane (which I loved!) then I would pay £8 for them.  

I do genuinely feel awful for this review as it was something I asked for but I will be in the interest of being completely honest to my followers. I will use these two bottles up, they last for a pretty long time (judging by the Candy Candy and Pumpkin Pie ones that I had, but once they're gone I'd only ever get the Christmas versions in the sale - if any at all.

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  1. Ah no! I have my eye on other lime scented things though, mix and match until there's one you love!


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